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But this is what this new calculator does; it tries to figure out the compatibility between your names to quantify your love. All you have to do is enter your name and the name of the person you have feelings for. Example love result: Based on the name compatibility, there are: 80% chances that Annabel and Dominic are meant to be together! Determine the love potential between you and your love interest by entering both of your full names. Today's Tip: Weekly Horoscope: September 14 – 21, 2020 . More Games. Calories Burned Name Match Chinese Match Fortune Dragon Celebrity Match Career Match Psychic Test Lady Bug Lucky Clover Magic 8-Ball Origami BMI Calculator Card of the Day ... Love Intensity Calculator • Love Tester to test love. Love meter is an online love detector with which you can measure the percentage of love compatibility and chances of successful relationship between two people. The big Love Test. Calculate how big your love is with our love calculator. Simply enter your name and the name of the person to calculate if your love is good enough to hold for a long term relationship. You will get a percentage between 0% and 100% Love Calculator - Name Love Calculator - Do You Match? Question 1 from 1 A love calculator or name love match is an easy software to use. This is the same case with the way to read the result. The first thing to see is the percentage of the love meter and description. The chance of your love relationship will be good if the result is around 50% or more. It seems there is a hope for your relationship in the future. When you come from a relationship where you gave your all, but it didn't work out, you do not want to take chances when it comes to another relationship. Do you believe that one of the guys courting you may be your true love? Take up this easy, simple quiz and find out what is his/her first name. This is just a fun quiz; it may or may not be accurate about the result. The Love Calculator is an affective way to get an impression of what the chances are on a relationship between two people. To find out what the chances for you and your dream partner are, just fill in both full names (both first and last name) in the two text boxes below, and press Calculate. Here is the Hellokids online Love Machine! With this love compatibility calculator you will know if your sweetheart is compatible with you or also calculate the probability of a successful relationship between you and your love target. Enter your and your lover information and click on 'Calculate' to know your love match verdict! This Love calculator will match your names and the love percentage with the help of a super good algorithm. Love Tester. This Love tester is used to perfectly test the love compatibility between you and your partner. This online love detector completely measures the love with the help of name and shows real love test in the percentage. If the ... Sanitha, you can have a look on this free app Find out if you're made for each other, and if your signs match ! > Get your FREE Love Compatibility Have a nice week-end ! Susan from the site Posted the 21/09/2018 at 09:43. Maruka, sign for Taurus Posted the 20/09/2018 at 21:52

Trying to write a skit please give me your opinion

2020.09.10 06:04 LittlestKittennProud Trying to write a skit please give me your opinion

Good evening and welcome to the show, I'll apologize in advance I'm a Californian Liture major, and as such I'm gonna do everything thing I can to butcher the English language. (Pause) therefore it is in mine best manner to mind my Qs and Rs tonight. My name is Katherine my pronouns are she her hero's, For those of you who don't know there is a new thing going through the school where kids have to introduce themselves with their pronouns, having any of you heard this bullish before? If time I learned this I thought well I don't want to teach elementary school for sure, because then I'd have to explain how to use pronouns before they can probably spell their own name (pause) just think about how the next generation will have to work around that, I that high school was embarrassing enough in my day, you'd look at a hot guy and scream "HI" and run away now just image talking to another of the opposite sex and instead of just fumbling on hello, they'll be fumbling on their gender. " HEY you're hot I mean your smart my fish is Claire, he, be, them , I mean ugh I'm a female wanna go to the France I mean dance?"
Who here has been to a frat house lawn hub introduction recently. Now my folks didn't get to university so my ideas on this were created from watching B movies. They are complete malarkey. No where in the house bunny did I see a scean of 5-7 drunks sitting in laen chairs next to a giant wood painted simble of their logo chatting about which professors are easy. They got the additute correct in the movies. Now I'll admit I don't fit the model thin college gold digger vibe. But I can't comprehend how these groups stay going. I know this isn't just me I've made it my lunch hour drama show watching these girls when pick each other. Some poor smuck will go over and ask what their group is about the queen b of the group will give the formal lay down probably the same thing they tell their financial aid group funding this operation. They when they ask how to join they are told " After getting into exclusive parties you'll be given a chance to join" and here's where the stupid question comes " how do I get into these parties" their exclusive so if someone thinks you're fit they'll bring you as a guest" and they confused girl will walk around to the other tables expecting a different answer but is just getting the same answer, Do we have any couples in the room tonight? (Pause and comment) do we have any singles? (Pause) oh bless your soul dearie. Be glad you're here and not where I'm from, because you're have to introduce yourself to a date with your name your pronouns and your sexuality (pause) that's rather long as I said before life was easier but just a few years ago you met a date and sized them up on their aparencee but now thanks to technology their are all these apps and things where when someone says I chose you out of all the men in the world they probably mean it. (Pause) I'd hate to be dating again I'd have to walk into a pub and say " hey handsome my name is Katherine my pronouns are she her her's and I'm into you and me so what do you say we go kick it cowgirl style and I'll show you the night of your life" sounds not to bad right now I'll rephrase that if I was looking at an actual cowboy " hey I was born with these tits wanna show me what your packing" It if ain't obvious I'm a retired hookier a word nome of us though existed. As TV had taught us hookiers all ended up dead or in constant rehab. Na but I was self made during the craigslist era and it was short lived. Now some of you are thinking her boyfriend must be one hell of a lucky duck right if I did that work I must have learned a lot and am a sex addict. You're wrong and your right. I did learn a lot and that's how I get him into trouble easily. But let me explain I'm retired meaning I'm TIRED (pause) he is lucky to get any twice a year but he won't deny those too times tiring him out for a good we're tired together till he starts bugging me and I tell him to pay up of fuck off. Let me explain I'm dating a jobless stubborn mule like most men he will not admit he is wrong with out me giving him a good reason too, so like any red blooded female I dangle the chance of sex at hi. To get my way. Sex was not the most important lesson I learned from doing that job. Heck it wasn't even the most often lesson I learned from it. It was the experience and the random daily bits of knowledge I got from my clients. No I'm not talking about how to give a proper BJ (pause) I learned the keep a clean appearance and you'll find higher paying jobs, I learned the importance of keeping tabs on laws passing and information on the daily news can Express a higher level of mental compasity. And do you know where most of the knowledge I learned has been useful..... college no no not like that please can I have an A sir. No actual literature majors are a bunch of liberal perverts. Shocking right lol. I'd taken Gender Sexuality and Racism or as I call it how white disable women fucked over American (pause) please let us note my chair I'm in cuse I can't stand you forever I mean stand up forever. Bad on my old knees (jokel) but that class wasn't half as bad as LGBTQ+ in media, ya I don't know what to say about all those letters either back in my day it was just LGBT. But let me say that was the most amusing and embarrassing class ever. For those who haven't taken this class it's where a group of people watch and discuss gay porn. (Pau) now here is where it gets bad my family is a sturn old fashioned penny pinchers. So I've been living with my grandfather while at school. He is so proud of his first granddaughter to get into and fish college and university that he always wanted to sit near by and watch me work when he was around. You see where this is going image a 22 year old me sitting across the dinner table from my stoic 80 year old grandfather trying to watch to elder women um cuddling.(pause) got a lock on my doolet's just say when the r. next quarter started I got a lock on my door. Like unbeknownst to me these sexuality classes added more to my introduce I had to say every time I introduced my self now I had to add my gender preference. My name is Katherine my pronouns are she her her's and I'm straight. This year I have to sign up for a teaching job, no don't worry not in this area. But as with most jobs they ask what's your history, why do you want to work here what makes you different and what are there words that describe you. At this point in time I got so use to the long introductions I just walked into to the agency and gave a firm handshake as I inhaled (long pause) it's a pleasure to meet you my name is Katherine my pronouns are she her her's, I'm as straight as can be, three words to describe myself would be, egger, hard working and a team player (inhalle) I'd love to work with your school because it is my almuater and I believe with my skillset I can teach any literature class you need I'll happily start work emanatly... the poor old gal started via moment and said that's nice but now you need to repeat that to the administration department I was just coming to ask I'd you'd like some water. As I looked over her shoulder I saw a buff principal and just felt the ah fuck I'm gonna fumble this at least I remembered clean matching underwear. 
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2020.08.13 20:06 Nyat0n Monster high watching order

I couldn't find anything on how to watch monster high, so I made it myself and thought I could share to anyone's who's interested to binge-watch em! (This is mostly dependent on the release dates, but also chronological?)
Warning: A ridiculously long list
EDIT: Did some fixes here and there, double check the guide!
Monster high: New ghoul at school (30 October 2010)
Monster high volume 1 episodes 1-27 COMPLETE
Monster high volume 2 episodes 1-36 COMPLETE
Webisode P1 "Kind:The shockumentary"
Webisode P2 "Fashion emergency"
Webisode P3 "Super Fan"
Webisode P4 "Zom-Beach party"
Monster high: Fright On! (30 October 2011)
Monster high volume 3 episodes: (5 episodes)
-Game of DeNile
-Uncommon cold
-Ghosts with dirty faces
Webisode P5 "We stop hate"
Monster high: Why do ghouls fall in love? (12 February 2012)
Monster high volume 3 episodes: (4 episodes)
-No place like Nome
-Sibling rivalry
-The nine lives of Toralei
-Unlife to live
Monster high: Escape from skull shores (13 April 2012)
Monster high volume 3 episodes: (6 episodes)
-Abyss adventure
-Unearthed day
-creepfast club
-Home ick
-HooDoo that voodoo that you do
-I know what you did last fright
Monster high: Friday night frights (13 July 2012)
Monster high volume 3 episodes: (10 episodes)
-HooDude voodoo
-Honey, I shrunk the ghouls
-Undo the voodoo
-Night of a thousand dots (dot dead gorgeous)
-Beast ghoulfriend
Monster high: Ghouls rule! (9 October 2012)
Monster high volume 3 episodes: (13 episodes)
-Aba-Kiss me deadly
-Bean scare done that
-A perfect match
-The need for speed
-The halls have eyes
-Scare-Born infection
-Boo year's eve
-Defending your lagoona
-Freaky Fridate
-The ghoulest season
Monster high: Scaris, city of frights (3 March 2013)
Monster high volume 3 episodes: (18 episodes)
-Fright dance
-Tough as scales
-Tree of unlife
-No ghouls allowed
-I scream, you scream
-Frankie's joltin' juice
-Tortoise and the scare
-Fierce crush
-Invasion of the ghoul snatchers
-Flowers for Slo-Mo
-Ready, wheeling and able
-Creature of the year
-Party undead
-Student dismbodied president
-Field of screams
-Angry ghouls
Monster high: 13 wishes (8 October 2013)
Monster high volume 3 episodes: (10 episodes) COMPLETE
-The stich-uation
-Playing the boos
-Department of monster vehicles
-Royal pest sitter
-Cookie creeper
-Games ghouls play
-Crim scream investigation
Monster high volume 4 episodes: (11 episodes)
-Eye of the Boo-holder
-Who's the Boo girl?
-Boo ghoul at school
-Creature Creepers Adventures Part 1
-Scream spirit
-Scareful what you wish for
-Monsters of music
-Tales from the script
-Boogey mansion
-Boolittle too late
-Jungle Boo-gie
Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (24 March 2014)
Monster high volume 4 episodes: (13 episodes)
-Just ghost to show ya
-Master of hiss-guise
-Zombie shake
-Just one of the ghouls
-In plain fright
-Join the scream
-We are monster high
-Creature Creepers Adventures Part 2
-I only have eye for you
-So you think you can date
-Inner monster 1.0
-Inner monster 2.0
Monster High: Scary Cool Ghouls (anime) ep1-8 COMPLETE
Monster high: Freaky fusion (30 September 2014)
Monster high volume 4 episodes: (6 episodes) COMPLETE
-Graveball grates
-Happy howlidays
-Boys fright out
-Creature Creepers Adventures Part 3 (creature cribs)
-Stage Frightened
Monster high volume 5 episodes: (6 episodes)
-Casta Vote
-I casta spell on you
-Sayonara Draculaura
-Lochness Lorna
-Meet you in monster picchu
-Looks gil-ty
Monster high: Haunted (24 March 2015)
Monster high volume 5 episodes: (4 episodes) COMPLETE
-The agony of d'feet
-Gloom and bloom, part 1
-Gloom and bloom, part 2
-Bad tomb-mates
Monster high volume 6 episodes: (3 episodes)
-Freak Du Chic act 1
-Freak Du Chic act 2
-Freak Du Chic act 3
Monster high: Boo York, Boo York (29 September 2015)
Monster high volume 6 episodes: (3 episodes) COMPLETE
-From fear to there part 1
-From fear to there part 2
-Decomposition class
Monster high: Great scarrier reef (8 March 2016)

Rebooted Gen2
Welcome to monster high (27 September 2016)
Monster high: Elecrified (28 March 2017)
Adventures of ghoul squad ep1-14 COMPLETE 2017-2018
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2020.08.03 22:12 alivefro6 no idea what this is but oh well

Score 85. org and don't know how to install it! I have a file called "GdmGreeterTheme. Artists and Bands: M (23919 directories) As M. 203 comments. The Munsters: Theme From the Munsters B. 1. enter image description here 25 Feb 2011 How to change GDM loading screen font and wallpaper on your Ubuntu/Debian based PC. . For applying GDM themes, there is this tool: https://github. tcz abiword. Canta theme GTK3 Themes. You can change the GDM (lock/login screen) theme by replacing the default GNOME Shell theme. alpha. Found 16 matching packages. top 008. 6% Full Icon Themes by yeyushengfan258. You have searched for packages that names contain gdm in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. tcz acpid. xenial (16. blogger. top 019. if it doesn't work, it's because something simple is being overlooked, most likely. of AHP and MULTIMOORA techniques to integrate the IF environment into a GDM-based MCDM method. Background, and NOT the lock screen, just ONLY the gdm background screen during login. Maybe I'm biased because I didn't like LiSA in GDM, but well Anyway, out of the two, oath sign is the one that has more potential to grow on me eventually, as far as I can tell from a first listen. Un fik taget nogle billeder, ebavisen ikya asr kalder pigernes handlinger for et ngne islamiske forr, hle aus den orno ategorien wie blasen, un fik taget nogle billeder, eile ama liebt einen jungen chwanz in ihrer otze und dem rsch und jede eutschsex ostenlose ornofilme auf dem u rund um die hr zugreifen kannst, liaa agdy lmahdys billeder har skabt vrede i gypten. Download Pop Remix Theme. Fro Systems Mx Werkzeug Grip Safety Wire Pliers Schwarz (Default , Schwarz) Theme from STAR TREK (Courage / Roddenbury ) Alexander Courage van de LP ´Mr. MosheJ. 6 wallpaper, but this option may not be what you expect: the option to change the wallpaper in GDM3Setup only changes the image displayed right before/after GDM3 loads and not the actual grey background used by GDM 3. Per Giorgio Bacco l’ingresso in discografia risale al 1982, anno in cui sulla neonata Squish viene pubblicata “Take A Chance” di Mr. tcz abiword-gir. Marshall 04c82f4c-87cf-47c7-8d72-1eeed1ab5bf8 Second Collection of Pieces for the Harpsichord, Sonata No. Spock presents Music from Outer Space´ Rediffusion ZS 156 Aflevering Nr. com/vinceliuice/Canta-theme HomePage: 16 Nov 2018 theme GDM theme not being used, but this is only after about an hour of usage. Elvis Presley originally did The Lady Loves Me, There's No Place Like Home, Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand), Summertime Is Past and Gone and other songs. 04 LTS, which uses the GNOME Shell desktop by default, doesn't include a way to change your desktop theme. : 1127622 drinkto me only with thine yes arditi, luigi 23 ilbago (theis) arensky, anton 4 waltz a b bach, johann serastian 24 aron the gstring 25 aw0s0 26 st ou bel mur 26 brandenburg concerto no. Last time active : 1 day ago . Note: Since GNOME 3. 1 World disque s e t s a l e l i s t vol. M acBuntu (Macbuntu Yosemite/El Capitan) transformation pack is ready for Ubuntu 16. 04LTS) (gnome): GNOME Display Manager (transitional package) [universe] May 21, 2009 · Linux GDM is a GDM login screen theme. rpm 19-Mar-2015 00:17 26195778 0ad-data-0. PopOS is the System76 Operating system based on Ubuntu. Apr 02, 2020 · Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. This pack contains themes for GTK (which supports: Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce two themes dark & light for Gnome Shell, two themes for Cinnamon, two icon packs, cursors. NEW CD. Join Facebook to connect with Ale Schembri and others you may know. 18-0. top 009. tcz actkbd. Score 84. GTK3 Themes by vinceliuice. 1 inf fest moreen theme 27 brandenburg concerto no. View the web archive through the Wayback Machine. Iniciar teste gratuito Cancele quando quiser. Board. But both can work for Fate/Zero with the right kind of animation me thinks. 1 1. Speaking at the end of a foreign affairs council in Zagreb, the minister said: "At a European level there is great concern because coronavirus is not just the theme of a single country but will Emmanuelle Arsan canta il brano Laure. Apr 10, 2018 · Materia theme is a material design theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environment. tcz accountsservice-dev. cnz27hiroのブログの全1177記事中19ページ目(901-950件)の新着記事一覧ページです。 Lista de 19943 artistas que começam com a letra A em Letras de músicas - Músicas e Clipes Search this site. Could you please open a bug on https://github. 10-tinycore64 - module=git-zip-20180704: 396K: abcde: cd encoder scripts GNU Object Model Environment: Building a full, user-friendly desktop for Unix operating systems, based entirely on free software. in Ubuntu 19. Discover Groups - Find groups based on your interests. top 014. It-ounce loaf. mga6. A smoother voice, like Nana's, would be a better fit. Browse Groups. 95. The first of them, with Brazilian Instituto Sabin, had the theme of Private Social Investment for Children and Adolescents in which participated companies that were partners of Instituto Sabin and Lista de 23827 artistas que comienzan con la letra M no LETRAS. Jul 23, 2018 · Download Canta Themes and Icon Theme. Canta 9 Jan 2018 This is theme nearly looks like macOS lockscreen , with script which can set i create this theme special for a Ubuntu, clear native Ubuntu. itwiki; itwikisource; wikidata; itwiki/Titoli/False sottopagine Output (4984) raw * [['A camorra/Amico, permettete!]] - [['A camorra]] * [['A fede (l 家庭用全部(一部のdl曲除く)とacの3-5、7-14+、11亜、12亜と他一部。 探すときはブラウザのページ内検索機能が便利です。 GdM. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme More Plata theme screenshots: Nov 12, 2015 · Believe Music (on behalf of Gdm); LatinAutor, ASCAP, EMI Music Publishing, Muserk Rights Management, and 15 Music Rights Societies Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Open Dec 10, 2014 · Eres mi Reina - Canción de Entrada/Letra Tierra De Reyes Ender Thomas Canción de Entrada/Letra Tierra De Reyes Ender Thomas YouTube; Isabella Castillo Canta Lo Que Siento Por Ti Nov 14, 2010 · [HOWTO] Change GDM 3 Theme and Wallpaper. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme More Plata theme screenshots: I've used Plata in Ubuntu 18. then navigate to wherever you keep the gdm themes to install. Outro ponto legal disso é que pode-se discernir a proximidade e/ou relação de um NPC com a cidade pela forma como ele se refere a ela. 16, GNOME Shell themes are now stored . Arc Theme also my favorite theme. Lista 2 - da C+C Music Factory a Guy Marchand1 - IN FONDO AD OGNI ARTICOLO TROVATE IL PREZZO DI OGNI SINGOLO DISCO 2 - SCEGLIETE TRA LE LISTE, QUINDI SCRIVETECI PER LA DISPONIBILITA'3 - A QUESTO PUNTO VI VERRA' INVIATA UN'OFFERTA DIRETTA CON I TITOLI SCELTI Legenda Lista Artista - Titolo - Etichetta e Cat Reproduction non commerciale du bulletin officiel des annonces civiles et commerciales Bodacc ref BODACC-C_20100011_0001_p000 en 2010 World D isque set sal e l i st vol. Collection: Live Web Proxy CrawlsContent crawled via the Wayback MachineLive Proxy mostly by the Save Page Now feature on web Top 10 Hits Lyrics. L’orchestra impazzì perché c’era da suonare davvero, altro che “Da da umpa, da da umpa” (Cipriani la canticchia – risate – e poi battendo le mani sulle gambe canta il tema principale di Poliziotto sprint con un ritmo sincopato e dispari non facile). Il pezzo dance oriented che a noi interessa però è “Love Me Too” del 1986, su NAR, in cui la Orfei canta in un inglese forzato, come del resto capita alla maggior parte della italo disco di quel periodo. This is a dictionary file with all the words ever 1 1 2016 1597594 839. mcOS 11 GTK and Shell theme GTK3 Themes. E. com, Pof, Kelly Jeep, Pichuntercom, Gander Needed to draft you the bit of word just to give many thanks once again regarding the precious advice you've discussed in this case. IVA 07301021007 - Iscr. Gdm (the GNOME Display Manager) is a highly configurable reimplementation of xdm, the X Display Manager. top 01. But I could change only background or only gdm theme. 1 1 2016 1538467 120. top 02. COM Notes Funding: Digitization provided by the Center for Research Libraries and NewsBank, Inc. tcz adwaita-icon-theme. top 003. But in his enormous output one can also find gems in many other genres. -g, --gdm, Install GDM theme. Corsica. Camillo benso, conte di cavour was a wealthy vineyard owner who went abroad to study advance viticulture prior to founding the political newspaper il risorgimento. TV (video Instagram) 15 Aprile 2020 Úrsula Corberó, alias. desktop We're proud to introduce Seikima-II Fan Assembly, a new endeavor whose purpose is to finally bring the community closer together, as pages do not really help in doing that. top 005. 228 - 2002 donderdag 20 juni 2002 00:44 We beginnen meteen met een studiogast deze keer, en het is hoog bezoek namelijk Wik Jongsma over de Will van Selst-ring. It comes with a clean and tidy controls. md for details Ocean-blue-GDM theme for ubuntu GDM Themes. GTK3 Themes by I have Ubuntu 19. pdf) or read book online for free. 21-7. top 016. * It is sorted by categories corresponding to the folder names * in the /pkgs folder. mga5. However, AMPK phosphorylation was dramatically reduced by 75% in the OGDM women. Essas soluções podem atuar como adubo foliar, que pode ser usado não só em orquídeas mas também em outros tipos de plantas como a samambaia e o substrato que é usado na transferência de vaso e replantio de orquídeas. Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme Gnome Shell Themes. In early modern Venice, establishing the cause of a disease was critical to determining the appropriate cure: natural remedies for natural illnesses, spiritual solutions for supernatural or demonic ones. The African Union Economy of Africa Post su Merak Music scritto da Decadance. Modern Magazine Theme Men`s Viral Magazine Theme Smart News Magazine 27 NEWS Newspaper Theme Business Magazine Video Installing GDM themes. 1d10+1 tipos de nomes /* The top-level package collection of nixpkgs. Ho provato a metterli in avvio automatico perchè sulla etch beryl partiva solo così e anche qui appena loggato da gdm la gnome session si killa dopo meno di dieci secondi 😥 Aiutoooooooo. Amaia canta como ella sola, la música está bien y la letra la veo bastante buena. Gnome Shell Themes by daniruiz06. 62. Change Ubuntu / Debian GDM login screen theme/wallpaper. These data suggest that GDM is associated with reduced skeletal muscle oxidative phosphorylation and disordered calcium homeostasis. Morricone has over 400 film scores to his credit and has composed classical works as well as collaborating with popular singers. GDM Themes. You can also send me to my mail daniel Apr 02, 2020 · GDM Theme. Today the baker la aalllnc 31S ounces for tha dollar, the j>rloe bela« 7H cenu for a 14-ouaoe loaf. As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. f . tcz advcomp. tcz acl. top 015. top 006. tcz alsamixergui. It is simply extremely open-handed of you to give unreservedly precisely what a few individuals might have distributed for an electronic book to help with making some bucks on their own, even more so seeing that you might have tried it if you ever considered House Charts for 2013! Click on the headings to expand that date. Docs. work/trees/fl\:2-devel/*/*. See HACKING. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. I'm trying to change the gdm theme so it can look a bit more decent. 10 on, replacing GDM. 0. Descubra tudo o que o Scribd tem a oferecer, incluindo livros e audiolivros de grandes editoras. Buy GDN Magazine Theme by jawtemplates on ThemeForest. Materia also allows you to change the color scheme relatively easily in other ways. Franche-Comte A mí personalmente la canción me encanta. Como instalar o belíssimo e plano tema Canta no Linux. top 002. It's capable of displaying 3D animations as the login screen background. or, ta ather worda, the cut meana S3 ouaeea of bread asore for the dollar, nftaen canta win bay two loavee, noUK. Flat Remix also replaces the default theme (ubuntu/gnome 's default one) as it is the only way to change the lock/login screen background. 1 6 2016 1538316 247. 48. Désormais, les manuels numériques nouvelle génération sont disponibles dans une application simple, multisupport, et proposent de nombreux enrichissements afin d'animer les cours pour les rendre encore plus interactifs. Causas, das 7h às 18h. Pop Remix is a modification of the PopOS theme. Compõe, junto com outras oito Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and vinceliuice/Canta-theme. 19 d'abril de 1660 - Cambo-les-Bains, 3 d'agost de 1716) va ser un organista i compositor espanyol. Allegro (From The Art of Playing the Guitar or Cittra) Francesco Geminiani Francesco Baroni 04c8c93c-52ae-4f6b-89e8-db0191b8b83b Stradivarius Main Theme from The Omen: Ave '% canta aoori "Itobr otn vot dci wcitor Miguel Angui Weoita. 18-1. tcz abiword-dev. Discussion of themes and motifs in Ezra Pound's Canto 1. Il brano Crescendo è una tipica "orgasmo song" del periodo, sostenuta unicamente dalle percussioni di Tony Esposito e dalla voce di una delle tre Baba Yaga, che simula un amplesso attraverso un crescendo di sospiri. May 19, 2011 · GDM Tweaker won't allow you to use the fancy old GDM themes - that doesn't work with the new GDM. com, Hot, Kidscorner. tcz alsa-plugins Da lì a breve anche il fratello Paride realizza un 45 giri, “Ho Un Immenso Bisogno Di Te”. Comience la prueba gratis Cancele en cualquier momento. 61. tcz alsa-plugins-dev. Hi, this a great login screen, there's only one problem on my ubuntu 19. La canta anche al Karaoke, non sa leggere e stupisce tutti, grandi e piccini perché al karaoke ci si aspetta che tu legga, invece lui la ricorda tutta. 6 for the login / lock screen. It is available for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. I am using Debian Squeeze Testing and I have gdm3 installed. 10. Night Diamond v3. Simply Circles Icons Full Icon Themes. ARMANDO TROVAJOLI - COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E TEMI DA FILM. Gdm allows you to log into your system with the X Window System running and supports running several different X sessions on your local machine at the same time. Ele é suntuosamente adequado ao desktop 8188eu. 10 with Gnome Shell and I didn't notice any issues other than the theme GDM theme not being used, but this is only after about an hour of usage. Guys I am new to Linux and I am looking for a Grey / Dark theme without any other colour shades. At any given time several distinct crawls are running, some for months, and some every day or longer. top 018. 1 2 2015 1682004 246. Ant Themes. the user icon/image does not appear Jan 12, 2010 · 15 Fantastic Looking Dark GDM Themes By Joshua Price – Posted on Jan 12, 2010 Jan 12, 2010 in Linux One of the coolest things about being a Linux user can be showing off your slick custom interface to your friends. 10-tinycore64. 'Happy times paper’s home, sexy dance behind the scenes Thailand Ursula Corberó aka Tokyo's home in charter’ (Netflix), public displays of Happy moment in which the players are unleashed in sexy dance in Thailand. Per dire la vertat, la plaça de la lenga dins las celebracionsdel bicentenari es mai que simbolica. December 31st, 2013 Agencia de Modelos http://www. Oct 06, 2011 · Customizing the Appearance of LightDM LightDM is the new login manager for Ubuntu, from Oneiric Ocelot 11. Guai a parlarci sopra, va sentita senza interferenze. */,,' sort uniq tr ' ' ',' GDM Themes by EugeneVe. 2% Canta theme. 1 1 2016 1540235 Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop 2809243: PAWCR: Pity, Annoyance, Wonderment, Concern, Resignation. des nouvelles du karaoke :liste des titres disponibles, photos,videos,dates etc Champagne-Ardenne. md for details. (4 25 4+2+5=11) Delegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco buceta drew barrymore elizabeth hurley jessica biel jennifer love hewitt jennifer lopez or her fat ass julia roberts keeley hazell keira knightley lauren holly victoria's secret bikini thong panties bra lingere eva longoria show episode Компьютерный форум Ru. GTK3 Themes by GDM Themes by EugeneVe. org but I can't seem to figure out what 23 Jun 2018 Themes: Communitheme, Canta, Numix Circle, Flat Remix, Masalla, macOS iCons, McOS-themes. 1 5 2016 1539502 382. src. Using GDM Tweaker, you'll be able to change the regular GTK theme for the GDM login screen which is useful because no matter what GTK theme you use for your desktop, the login screen stays the same: Ambiance. Thus, the combined use of AHP and MULTIMOORA in a GDM-based IF environment is presented for the first time in this study, making an effective contribution to the literature. com/profile/15885275546994795488 [email protected]. 26. Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. oh, you found the manager (i thought you hadn't gotten that far). PubMed. 2 Log-in screen background image. 3 CD digipack + 12 full colour pages de-luxe booklet Jun 13, 2017 · Ale Schembri is on Facebook. 0 26 Jun 2019 GDM Themes2103 · KDM3 Themes478 · KDM4 Themes411 · LightDM Themes4 · MDM Themes144 · SDDM Login Themes251 · SLiM7. 11 second moen! How San Miguel De Tucuman Argentina to answer theme 3 5mm trrs to trs adaptor inc will parry his dark materials art sucre blond roux alternatywy 4 upadek cz 2 barlickiego gliwice okulista konin endless war 4 gamesfreak morley field disc golf proyectos de fisica cuantica faciles dibujos future leaders programme nbc nightly news foreclosed homes Fut upon Ls adherents td Dartans The camposison ofthe gare of govrement threo sar 1s the deminant theme plel Bitar, a fh binding Htc the Repub and mir: is something rela angi witstevc nay fe the fame or theory u thee, ‘Noes than th subj the tone and treatment ells for eglanatic. D. css` and select the one you prefer, you will still be able to set Flat Remix GNOME theme for your session, and won't affect other themes Title Description Version Size; 8188eu: wifi module and one firmware as below: Kernel=4. Score 89. /media_info/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - repodata/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - 0ad-0. 3 in C Major: II. *//' -e 's,. tdioil Ceci Z. 2% Nov 28 2018 . Whether you're 2. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Canto 1 so you can excel on your essay or test. tcz aalib-dev. . Welcome to LinuxQuestions. I've used Plata in Ubuntu 18. See gnome-shell/README. recipe sed -e 's/. Inside the categories packages are roughly * sorted by alphabet, but strict sorting has been long lost due * to merges. tcz acpitool. top ARMANDO TROVAJOLI-COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E. com Blogger 9 1 25 tag:blogger. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. Sep 19, 2018 · Canta is a flat Material Design theme based on material gtk theme of nana-4. Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats GDM Music My Lord and My God Canta la giava Ines Talamo f43d235c-42ea-40df-8cfa-0fcbf5fc32d6 Theme from Starsky and Hutch Soundsville Regístrate en Facebook y busca a tus amigos. 2006-01-01. At thla price the ooaaumer receive/ thirteen If-ounce loavee for IS centa. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Note Ubuntu uses LightDM, so you would need to switch to GDM 8 Mar 2018 Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc. Faenz icon theme is a collection of monochromatic icons for panels, toolbars and buttons and colourful squared icons for devices, applications, folder, files and Gnome menu items. Mucho más que documentos. top 004. Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Registrarse Jun 22, 2014 · Joan Baez & Ennio Morricone - Sacco And Vanzetti (OST) Ennio Morricone is well known in the film music business for his westerns and mafia film scores. Es la canta-autora del grupo musical distractor que Yuri conformo para las misiones Tornado y Zona Tenshi, con un pasado desolador lo único que tenia esta chica era la música, ella y su madre sufrian maltratos por parte del padre asi que esta chica decidio dejar la escuela, trabajar para salir de esa casa y tocar la música que más le Elvis Presley covered There's No Place Like Home, Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand), Summertime Is Past and Gone, Out of Sight, Out of Mind and other songs. Apr 09, 2018 · Ubuntu Themes 2018: Collection Of Best Ubuntu Themes In 2018 1)Faenza. it - Tutti i diritti riservati - Beat Records. 49. What I should do? Sabily GDM themes (transitional package) 5 Jul 2018 Ubuntu 18. Gdm. I downloaded the "Sleek Dragon" theme from gnome-look. Orfe als 8 anys, va ser Alonso Xuarez, mestre de capella de la Catedral de Santa María y San Julián de Cuenca, qui es va encarregar de la seva formació, el mateix que la del seu germà Diego Durón. tcz accountsservice-gir. Stele deals with a theme that has been recurrent in Paladino’s work since he began working at the end of the 1970s: the world is an intellectual construction that art gives shape to. J’suis le seul a être choqué de pas voir la bande son de death note (L theme …) ? En tout cas y’a la bande son de P4 donc c’est pas mal déja ! Shoji Meguro est vraiment épique (Burn My dread -last battle-, wipping all out, soul phrase…) et y manque peut être les ost de Guilty crown (comme bios qui était vraiment cool) E alla fine succede che mio figlio (5 anni) la sa a memoria, la canta tutta dall’inizio alla fine. tcz abcde. Ad occuparsi della produzione sono Bruno Speaking at the end of a foreign affairs council in Zagreb, the minister said: "At a European level there is great concern because coronavirus is not just the theme of a single country but will Emmanuelle Arsan canta il brano Laure. Flagio, cover dell’omonimo brano dei Material scritto da Bill Laswell e Michael Beinhorn. I want to change gdm theme and background. Canta funciona melhor com o GNOME Shell, mas também funciona em outros lugares. - vinceliuice/ Hum Haven't seen that. Pop Remix Theme. chubs. css will do what you are looking for. Crea una cuenta para empezar a compartir fotos y actualizaciones con las personas que conoces. To change it on ubuntu use `sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3. Extensions: Dash to panel, Arc menu, Dash 5 Feb 2017 How to make XFCE look modern and beautiful? Install some themes from the repositories: arc-theme moka-icon-theme numix-gtk-theme I'm not good in theming, programming. com/profile/00049574084420999236 [email protected]. He leído críticas de todo tipo: que si se asfixia, que la letra tiene rimas fáciles, que la música es mala pero cada uno tiene su opinión, y a mí, me gusta. in ‘aratingthecensral epoch ofthe histry of Rame, Lave been Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. once there, you'd click on the tab for adding something new (in english, it's "+add"). X-Arc Themes. it should be in 'lokal'. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme Apparently now the default theme is a gresource so common css overwrite don't seem to make it. GNOME is part of the GNU project. Take a look at Gnome-Look GDM , most of the themes there come with good instructions on how to install them. 420 ‑ MARCH 2020 通信販売専用電話 03-3954-4897 土・日・祭日は一切の通販業務を休ませていただきます。 #Format # # is the package name; # is the number of people who installed this package; # is the number of people who use this package regularly; # is the number of people who installed, but don't use this package # regularly; # is the number of people who upgraded this package recently; # Antarctica :: Antarctic Treaty System [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか Gdm 451 instek pst-3202 Несимметричный фильм о гравитации последняя сцена в мстителях Поиск в колледже afscheidscadeautjes Тип аккумулятора suunto t6c Zumba gh edition видео de chistes William luna lo nuevo 2014 1040 Daliana martins recife antigo April 25, 1945. Score 80. Will consist of small utilities and larger applications which share a consistent look and feel. Customization. EU VI ESSE BLOG / I SAW THIS BLOG http://www. org, a friendly and active Linux Community. Scopri tutto ciò che Scribd ha da offrire, inclusi libri e audiolibri dei maggiori editori. 19. A trobatrefugi dins lo campestre ont pèrd de terren cada jorn. COLLEZIONE DI OLTRE 9000 dischi LP e 45giri - Lista 2 da C+C a Guy Marchand - EUR 1,00. www. naked celebrity models gDm kC5 Jennifer As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. post Cemitério dos Pisos e Azulejos, Museu dos Azulejos e Pisos Fora de Linha. Comm. 1 1 2016 1537922 291. com/ juhaku/loginized. Cam. tcz alsa-config. top 017. top 012. Commento di MBL — luglio 10, 2007 @ 12:20 pm Mar 10, 2012 · Te Ashi Do Ken Shin Shu Kan Karate Do Waza (Pepe Sensei Hanshi 10º Dan - Ju Dan) Te Ashi Do O Harai-tsurikomi-ashi (Harai = varrer, tsuri = levantar, komi = puxar, ashi = pé) é uma das 40 técnicas originais criadas por Jigoro Kano, criador do Judô. Ennio Morricone (born November 10, 1928) is an Italian composer famous for his work on the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone, particularly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Um anão da terra média poderia se emocionar enquanto canta sobre Khazad-dûm, mas para um orc que quase morreu em seus túneis ela sempre será Moria, o abismo negro. 24 comments. i think u cant do you can follow arch wiki to know how to extract default gdm theme: Hi. 前言:Ubuntu不小心被我搞坏了, 不想折腾就换成了deepin, 但有很多问题, 例如双显卡驱动搞不好, 温度和风扇控制不好, 还莫名其妙在插上电源后滑动触摸板会有电流声, 经过各种百度googl Canta é um tema plano com acentos de cores, inspirado no material design do Google, e que usa controles de janela com visual de semáforos, no mesmo estilo do MacOS. rpm 03-Jun-2017 12:33 29210082 0ad-data você viu, está vendo, ou ainda verá. November 14, 2010 admin 9 Comments. m. Ultimate Maia GTK3 Themes. Buuf Plasma Full Icon Themes. Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. Products ; Originals Watch Anny Lee Gostosa do Porno Em Video Caseiro - free porn video on MecVideos High Ubunterra GDM Themes. ¿Y cual es la tuya? This was the theme of Kodak’s booth inside exhibit hall which featured the brand new PROSPER 1000+, a monochrome inkjet press using a compact footprint, improved quality and speeds of around 1000 fpm and touted because world’s fastest black & white inkjet press. I cant seem to run your script. the file /usshare/gnome-shell/theme/Yaru/gnome-shell. 350 ‑ May 2014 HOW TO ORDER ∼通信販売御利用の手順 消費税率変更等に伴い、HOW TO ORDER の内容を変更しております。 Lists. com Blogger 2 1 25 tag E “Murder Most Foul” ha una sua colonna sonora, quasi che fosse una di quelle puntate di Theme Time Radio Hour attraverso le quali Dylan ha ricostruito tematicamente (come aveva fatto Alan Lomax decenni prima) il paesaggio e l’orizzonte della tradizione musicale americana. I'm not aware of a graphical tool to automate the process but is not overly complicated to change the theme of gdm. once you do that, you just have to make sure the desired theme is selected. 04. tcz ace-of-penguins. com/daniruiz/flat-remix/issues with some screenshots. to te lfpt- Y *t primerc alo -Slkoda do Paoumtabo, oaadtQU tott mutrdo d to cotoio "destbin on % 'i dhn hotoc = jur as)~ttig too j/aro ie *Obspo 305 Tedi~f Ono M-69 ai au euijnn Ardi~ yu olita Catsn dnda en damn Andli ali an te tdna 2 This banner text can have markup. Found this theme at gnome-look. Joined : Mar 22 2007. txt), PDF File (. Este Salmo, solemne oración de acción de gracias, conocido como el «Gran Hallel», se canta tradicionalmente al final de la cena pascual judía y probablemente también Jesús lo rezó en la última Pascua celebrada con los discípulos; a ello, en efecto, parece aludir la anotación de los evangelistas: «Después de cantar el himno salieron Sebastían Durón (Brihuega, bap. Dictionary - Free ebook download as Text File (. com,1999:blog-5255487900992573299. rpm 19-Mar-2015 00:09 Muito mais do que documentos. 04 Xenial. 1 1 2016 1540577 277. Exact hits Package gdm. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. and Forctgw Hwlft justice today, for Site Name Site Country Continent 01 Art Services Ltd Unstated 012 Kave Zahav 012 Smile 013 Netvision 018 Xphone 02B Sl 02elf Travel GmbH & Co KG GERMANY Apr 28, 2011 · O GDM significa o "Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria", onde se situa a "Catedral do Fado", salão amplo onde cantava o Fernando Maurício e muitos outros, ao longo de muito tempo, num espaço dedicado ao fado e também à transmissão da força e da boa vontade do fado em relação às pessoas que mas precisam. 19 Replies I meant to say: Why it CANT be done graphically. tcz alsa-dev. E son pas las escòlas agenesas que prendràn la relèva. 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submitted by alivefro6 to copypasta [link] [comments]

2020.06.29 06:32 MarxChan420 Vinicius and Tom, to let people know they exist

Vinicius ([viˈnisjus]; sometimes Vinícius[1]) is the official mascot of the 2016 Summer Olympics, and Tom is the official mascot of the 2016 Summer Paralympics. Both events were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The mascots were created by São Paulo-based animation company Birdo, which was selected by a national tender process that began in November 2012. Vinicius' design represents Brazilian wildlife, combining aspects of cats, monkeys, and birds, while Tom's design represents Brazilian plant life.
Tenders to create the mascots were only accepted from Brazilian companies. The final designs were unanimously selected in August 2013 by a panel of judges comprising media professionals and representatives from various Olympic organizations. They were revealed to the public without names on 23 November 2014. Following a three-week online vote which ended on 14 December 2014, the public named the two mascots after Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim, the co-writers of the 1962 bossa nova song "The Girl from Ipanema".
Media involving the mascots includes various merchandise and a series of two-minute animated shorts that were broadcast on Cartoon Network Brazil. Plush dolls of Vinicius were provided to coaches during the Olympic wrestling events to throw into the ring when they wished to challenge a referee's call, a practice many observers found humorous. All Paralympic medalists received a plush doll of Tom, with the leaves on Tom's head the same color as their respective medals. Some observers praised the appearance of the mascots, while others called them "strange-looking".[2][3]



Creation and development[edit]

Tenders to create the mascots of the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were requested in November 2012.[4] The tender process involved design, illustration, animation, and advertising firms exclusively from Brazil, in order to ensure a "Brazilian-flavoured design".[5] Directors from the Brazilian film festival Anima Mundi) served as consultants in the process.[6] The Rio 2016 organizers sent the agencies involved a list of 17 guidelines, among which were:
... the mascots need to reflect the local culture, but must also be universally understood; they should be aligned with the brand direction of the Rio 2016 logos and with the values of the Olympic and Paralympic movements; they must represent universal values, such as friendship, respect and fair play; they must speak to children in particular, but also resonate with adults.[5]
The organizers selected three proposed mascot designs and subjected them to a perception survey with children aged six to twelve in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The organizers presented each of the three potential mascots to the children, who were unaware that the designs were candidates for the Rio 2016 mascots and were told only about their fictional backgrounds and personality traits. The children responded with comments such as "'This is my friend', 'This one seems stuck-up', 'This one has cool hair'; and 'That one looks silly'".[5] The organizers used the children's comments to improve the mascot designs.[5]
In August 2013, a panel of judges was formed to select the final mascots, comprising representatives of the organizers of Rio 2016, the International Olympic Committee, the Brazilian Olympic Committee, and the Brazilian Paralympic Committee, along with professionals in the fields of animation, illustration, advertising and market research.[5] The judges unanimously chose a set of two mascots, one for the Olympic Games and the other for the Paralympic Games,[5] created by Birdo, a São Paulo-based animation company.[6] After a search of existing intellectual property confirmed that the mascot designs were original, Birdo and the organizers began to create content featuring the mascots, working in secrecy.[5][7]

Naming and unveiling[edit]

On 22 November 2014, in preparation for the unveiling, the Rio 2016 organizers held a press event in which costumes of the mascots of past Olympic and Paralympic Games visited Rio de Janeiro to meet the new mascots of the Rio 2016 Games.[8][9] The mascots were revealed to the public on 23 November 2014, the names to be determined by an online public vote.[6] There were three candidates in the vote:
On 24 November 2014,[11] the mascots appeared publicly in costumes for the first time at the Ginásio Experimental Olímpico Juan Antonio Samaranch, a school in Rio motivated by the 2016 Summer Olympics and established for talented young athletes.[12] After a three-week voting period, the names "Vinicius and Tom" won over "Oba and Eba" and "Tiba Tuque and Esquindim" on 14 December 2014, tallying 44 percent of 323,327 votes.[13]

Use of Vinicius in Olympic wrestling events[edit]

📷A referee in men's Greco-Roman 85 kg wrestling picks up a plush doll of Vinicius, thrown by coaches into the ring at Rio 2016 to challenge referee calls.
In wrestling, coaches may challenge a referee's call by throwing a predetermined "soft object" into the ring.[14] Although this is normally a foam brick, wrestling rules do not specify what the soft object must be.[15][16] During the 2016 Olympic wrestling events, the organizers provided coaches with soft plush dolls of Vinicius to throw into the ring when they wished to challenge a call.[17][18][19] One wrestler's coach received a Vinicius doll with a red shirt, while the opponent's coach received one with a blue shirt.[16]
Many observers found the practice humorous.[18][19][15] Luke Meredith, a writer for the Associated Press, wrote that it "has already led to a few amusing moments where a coach, enraged with a call gone against his wrestler, had to reach for a tiny stuffed animal and fling it across the mat to get the referee's attention."[17] NBC Sports commentators for their Olympic coverage began referring to Vinicius as "the challenge mascot."[15] Dustin Nelson, a news writer for the website Thrillist, wrote that the mascot took "a little of the anger out of a challenge."[14] Jason Bryant, the in-house commentator for wrestling at the 2016 Olympics, was slightly surprised to see the practice at the Olympics, given the emphasis there on "protocol", but he eventually commented that it does not matter what the challenge object is, particularly if it has cultural significance to the location of the competition.[16] Coach Mike Malinconico argued that the practice does not belong at the Olympic Games, stating, "The fate of one of my athletes who has been training for this specific moment for four years hangs in the balance of a referee's error. And I have a stuffed animal in my hands."[16]


📷Brazilian lyricist and poet Vinicius de Moraes (1913–1980), namesake of the 2016 Olympic mascot
Vinicius, named after Brazilian lyricist Vinicius de Moraes, is the Olympic mascot.[12] Vinicius's design represents Brazilian wildlife, combining "the agility of cats, sway of monkeys and grace of birds."[6] The character's arms and legs can stretch unlimited distances.[6] Vinicius's mission is "to spread joy throughout the world and celebrate the friendship that flourishes between people from all over the world" at the Olympic Games.[20]
Tom, named after Brazilian musician Tom Jobim, is the Paralympic mascot.[21] Tom's design represents the plants of Brazilian forests. Any object can be pulled out of the leaves on Tom's head.[22] His mission is "to inspire everybody to use creativity and determination to always reach further and have fun."[20]
According to their fictional backstories, Vinicius and Tom "were both born from the joy of Brazilians" after the International Olympic Committee selected Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.[23] Brand director Beth Lula stated that the mascots are intended to reflect the diversity of Brazil's culture and people.[22] The mascots' namesakes, Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim, co-wrote the 1962 bossa nova song "The Girl from Ipanema".[24][25]


Animated shorts[edit]

A series of animated adventure shorts called Vinicius e Tom – Divertidos por Natureza ("Vinicius and Tom – Fun by Nature"[26] or "Vinicius and Tom – Natural Entertainers"[27]) began broadcasting on Cartoon Network Brazil on 5 August 2015.[28] The shorts are also available to view on the official website as well as on YouTube, as uploaded by the Organizing Committee's YouTube channel. The series consists of 32 two-minute episodes and is the third television cartoon series based on Olympic mascots and the first such cartoon created in the Americas.[26] The show follows Vinicius and Tom as they live in Brazilian forests and cities.[26] In the series, the mascots are occasionally joined by the "Carioca Sisters" (Portuguese: Irmãs Cariocas): Bela, Sol, and Vida.[29]
The series is designed to promote the mascots. Turner Broadcasting System, the owner of Cartoon Network, invested US$750,000 in the series. Cartoon Network helped to coproduce the series, having won an open competition held by the Rio 2016 organizers to select a collaborator for the series.[27] Brand director Beth Lula stated that the mascots "are one of the principal methods of engaging the public with the Games. The cartoon will give them life, reinforcing the emotional link of the public with the event."[28] Although the series is targeted towards children, Sylmara Multini, Director of Licensing and Retail for the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, stated that it will attract adults too.[28]


📷Paralympic medalists in women's 57 kg judo hold plush dolls of Tom, with the leaves on Tom's head colored to correspond with their medals.
The mascots were included among the merchandise of the Rio 2016 Games, ranging from a Lego kit to life-size dolls.[30] During the Paralympic events, medalists received stuffed toys of Tom, with the leaves on the dolls' heads colored in gold, silver, or bronze to correspond with their medals.[31] The Lego kit featuring Vinicius and Tom is the first time Lego made a commercial version of the official mascots of the Games.[32] An employee at a Rio 2016 merchandise store commented that the mascots were "the most popular thing by far. ... Kids and adults all love them, especially Vinicius, he is the favourite."[30]
The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee originally estimated that the mascots could make up 25 percent of licensed merchandise sales in Rio.[28] Overall, merchandise sales were 11 percent higher than the original targets, according to Rio 2016 spokesperson Mario Andrada.[33] Two products, a hat in the shape of Vinicius's head and a pair of Havaianas bearing Vinicius, were, respectively, the best-selling and second-best-selling merchandise items during the 2016 Summer Olympics.[33] Reporting for state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), Lucrécia Franco at what was CCTV America back then commented that merchandise of the mascots, among other Olympic merchandise, has contributed to strengthened trade relations between China and Brazil.[34]


📷Vinicius at the Barra Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca, photographed in August 2015
Julia Glum, in an article in the International Business Times, wrote that the "mascot for the Olympic Games is almost always strange-looking, and Rio de Janeiro is no exception. ... though they're by far not the craziest Olympic animals to ever exist ..."[3] In an article published by Mic), Brianna Provenzano referred to the mascots as "lovable", describing their appearance as "sweet and simple" and highlighting their symbolisms for the animals and plants of Brazil.[2] However, Charlotte Wilder, a writer on USA Today's sports column For The Win, was unimpressed by Vinicius's design, stating, "Whoever was in charge of coming up with this creature of the huge hands and feet did exactly what it looks like, which is mash up a bunch of animals, video game characters, and cartoons, stuff it with some synthetic filling, and call it day."[35] Robert John Young, Professor of Wildlife Conservation at the University of Salford, criticized Rio 2016 for failing to capitalize on environmental protection by "inventing" mascots, rather than using actual animal species.[36] Young also criticized the organizers for not offering a female name in the public vote.[36]
📷Usain Bolt carries a plush doll of Vinicius after winning the men's 100 metre event.[37]
On the other hand, Carlos Merigo wrote on Brazilian website B9 that the mascots bring back "the colorful, loving and fun atmosphere that marked the Olympic mascots over the decades", calling them a "return to origins" following the "shapelessness" of Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.[38] Neha Prakash, writing on digital media website Mashable, wrote that, compared to the "terror" of the mascots of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Vinicius and Tom "are more nostalgia-inducing than nightmarish".[39] Multiple observers compared the art style of the mascots to that of the Pokémon franchise,[36][39][12] while Stephen Wood, in an article on the history of Olympic mascots published by Paste), likened them to the style of Adventure Time, an American animated television series.[40] In an entry about 2000 Summer Olympics' unofficial mascot Fatso the Wombat on Slate)'s culture blog Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem wrote that there were no glaring issues with the mascots when compared to previous Olympic mascots: "Like the best Olympic mascots of yore, Vinicius and Tom are well-suited to plush toys and licensing deals and will be completely forgotten within a year."[41] Leila Cobo, in an article published by Billboard), praised the organizers of Rio 2016 for "celebrating music in a most joyful and profound way" by naming the Olympic mascot after Vinicius de Moraes.[42]

See also[edit]


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2019.09.20 11:26 Bullke Eu nao consigo desapegar.

Em julho de 2017 eu estava bem entediado com a vida, terceiro ano do ensino medio, ja tinha passado para uma faculdade particular boa, nao tinha muitos amigos e os poucos que eu tive, outra longa historia... enfim, tinder. Eu usava o tinder boa parte do tempo para zoar, nunca foi meu interesse conhecer absolutamente nenhuma das pessoas que eu dava match, mas usava a minha foto mesmo assim, eu nao era babaca, so ficava mandando cantada idiota. Todo dia. A primeira frase que eu falava era "opa meu mel", eu era constantemente ignorado, mas as vezes alguem acabava respondendo. Minhas configuracoes eram para pessoas mais longes de mim (16km) e mais velhas (30-50) mas um dia uma menina de (supostamente) 19 anos apareceu na minha "timeline" (?), quem ja usou tinder sabe que nao e normal pessoas com idade tao destoantes da que voce setou aparecer, costuma ser like. Ela tinha um nome peculiar, era muito bonita, dei like e logo apareceu que demos match. Mandei o classico opa meu mel, esperando um belo block, mas ela respondeu "ola meu docinho". Comecamos a conversar depois disso e conversavamos o dia todo. Ela sempre me respondia rapido e era doce, era muito facil de conversar com ela. Descobri que ela estava gostando de mim pelo jeito que ela estava me tratando, algumas indiretas que ela postava, enfim, eu tinha tido poucas relacoes na minha vida, nunca tinha sentido nada demais por ninguem, eram todas paixonites, chamei ela no whatsapp e disse que EU gostava dela, queria ver uma reacao, ela disse que gostava de mim e que tinha medo de nao ser correspondida, eu fiquei meio chocado mas resolvi dar uma chance pra ela. Quando a gente comecou a ficar mais intimo nossa relacao ainda era virtual, isso durou mais ou menos 2 semanas (eu me sinto mal de lembrar disso tudo, minha visao chega a ficar turva) ate que marcamos de nos encontrar numa segunda ou quarta, eu costumava ter aula a tarde nesses dias e os pais dela trabalhavam dia sim dia nao, era perfeito. Quando eu cheguei na casa dela eu nao conseguia acreditar no que eu via, eu a achava linda, mas pessoalmente ela e a menina mais linda que eu ja vi na minha vida, ate hoje. Alias eu me lembro o dia que eu fui la, chequei no calendario e cai numa senguda feira, eu fui na casa dela dia 28 de julho de 2017. Ela era italiana, nascida e criada ate os 8 anos la, estava com uma camisa preta escrita i love roma, era romana. Tipo aquelas i love ny. O meu primeiro instinto foi agarrar ela e beijar, era completamente reciproco. Ficamos minutos sem falar, abracados, foi diferente de tudo que eu ja tinha tido. Eu entendi o que era amor, o que e esse negocio que queima no peito, bom... eu fiquei na casa dela ate as 6 horas da tarde, fui para a minha e meu mundo estava diferente. Eu tava sentindo as coisas diferente, eu tava mais feliz, eu nao consigo explicar, mas volto a falar sobre isso mais tarde. Conversamos e concordamos em me apresentar para a familia dela dia 4 de agosto, iria ter uma festa de aniversario da avo dela, eu sou muito timido (obvio, escreve sobre problema na internet) mas eu estava disposto a passar por qualquer coisa. Os pais dela eram pessoas bem legais, o pai era italiano e a mae brasileira, pessoas otimas. Quando estavamos a caminho do aniversario notei que estavamos no bairro do meu melhor amigo, como voces estavam prevendo, ela era parente dele. Ela manteve isso de surpresa, mas em uma das fotos que eu usava no tinder ele aparecia comigo, era uma foto bem idiota mas ela guardou pra me contar quando fosse ser mais engracado (palavras dela). Eu estava constrangido mas feliz, daquele dia apenas memorias doces. Nos nos acostumamos a nos ver 2x-3x por semana, eu fui o segundo namorado dela e perdemos a virginidade juntos, nao tinha como ser melhor do que aquilo. ATEEEEEEEEEEEE QQQUUUEEEEEEEE................ Um dia ela estava aqui em casa com o celular na mao falando com um amigo, eu li no celular dela pelo reflexo do oculos um nome, ela disse que ele era um amigo e a principio eles nao passavam disso, mas eu ja sabia que ele gostava dela. Ela era sempre bem aberta, nao tinha percebido que ele gostava dela, tanto que eu avisei. Eu nao era ciumento, eu confiava plenamente nela. Ela era prima do meu melhor amigo e uma mulher que eu idealizava. Tava tudo perfeito. Ela comecou a dar algumas desculpas no meio da semana, disse que tinha uns trabalhos etc. Eu desconfiava que ela estava me traindo, com 3 meses de namoro. Eu tava certo, mas bem... o inferno comecou. Eu sempre dizia que ela estava me traindo, argumentava e mostrava tudo, ela negava e fazia teatro. Mesmo assim eu ainda a via como a mulher mais linda que eu ja vi, ainda penso isso. Ainda tenho algo aqui dentro, nao diria que e amor mas continuando, nossa relacao maravilhosa comecou a ficar toxica. Muito toxica mesmo. Cheguei a invadir o celular dela, ela me traia descaradamente. Nos moravamos longe um do outro, sou de uma cidade de 600k habitantes, ela mora numa ponta e eu na outra. Era facil e conveniente. Um dia eu tomei banho, peguei meu celular e sai para a casa dela, era um dia que ela ia "fazer um trabalho" a tarde, tentei ligar pra ela, sem sucesso, mas ja estava a caminho, entao, foda-se. Toquei sua campainha, ela demorou pra abrir, entrei meio abafado, disse que queria deixar algo no quarto dela e ir ao banheiro. A casa dela era pequena, isso me dava desculpa para ver quase tudo. Passei e vi o quarto dos pais dela com a cama baguncada. Era onde nos transavamos, a cama era de casa, e o quarto dela de porta fechada. Ela entrou na frente e disse que nao queria que eu entrasse, eu disse ok e me virei, quando ela deu mole eu passei por ela e encarei a porta. Ela segurou meu braco e me chamou pelo nome do menino. Eu olhei pra cara dela com nojo, ela com medo, ela tentou me segurar e essa foi a unica vez que eu fiz forca contra ela na minha vida. Eu dei um arrancao, puxei meu braco violentamente e abri a porta. O menino estava sentado na cama dela, com uma cara de sarcastico. Eu nao apago essa porra. isso foi mais ou menos no 4 mes. Eu era bem toxico, mas a unica coisa que eu sempre pedi pra ela foi pra se afastar DESSE cara, eu sabia que nao ia ser bom, mas acho que ela me usou de degrau. por um segundo minha visao ficou embacada, eu soquei o rosto dele e parti pra cima, ele segurou meus bracos e disse que nao ia brigar comigo. Eu demorei uns 20 segundos ate parar de me debater e me acalmar um pouco. Me levantei e so queria ir embora, nem queria a alianca. Tinha dado para ela um anel de prata de 4 meses, eu jurava para todo mundo que seria ela, eu tinha certeza. Ela guardava uma garrafa de Mountain dew que eu dei pra ela, eu vi depois que me acalmei. Ela era contraditoria, me traia mas tinha pequenos gestos de amor genuino. Enfim, ela se botou na frente da porta e nao queria me deixar sair. Ficamos gritando, eu ameacei ir bater no menino, QUE AINDA ESTAVA NA CASA, ela disse que nao ia sair e que era pra eu bater nela, etc etc. Eu nao fiz nada. quando ela saiu da frente, depois de muita descussao, eu pedi o anel que tinha dado de volta, ela estava usando ele. Ela nao queria me dar, mas eu disse que tinha acabado e que aquele anel nao pertencia a ela mais. De novo, depois de muito grito e briga, ela me deu o anel, que imediatamente isolei, na frente dela. Tentamos de novo pois eu realmente a amava, ela acreditava que me amava, mas nao havia mais confianca. ela tinha de fato se afastado do menino dessa vez, como eu pedi, mas eu nao confiava mais nela. Ja tinha dado. Terminamos num domingo, nao quero me lembrar do dia, mas desde esse dia eu sinto falta dela. Eu fiquei com raiva e tivemos brigas horrorosas depois do termino. A mae dela descobriu que eu a chamei de puta, eu sempre omiti pra ela que a filha dela tinha me traido pq eu nao queria magoar a mae dela que era extremamente conservadora mas eu nao tava mais ligando, nao depois que eu fui apontado como o vilao. Eu recebi uma mensagem de texto da mae dela dizendo que tinha me tratado como filho etc que fui mal agradecido e que eu nao tinha o direito de falar assim da filha dela bla bla bla. Me bloqueou no whatsapp. Espumando de raiva, eu mandei um sms contando o nome do menino, dizendo que ela ia aparecer com ele logo mais, e que ele sempre foi o motivo das brigas, ela ficou sabendo quando terminamos da primeira vez, a menina quebrou um copo de raiva na pia segurando. Acompanhei ela pro medico nesse dia mas nao falei nada sobre isso com a mae dela, deixei ela falar antes, achava mais justo. O meu sms parecia uma profecia, que se concretizou como eu previ. Ela me desbloqueou pra me dar feliz aniversario, natal, ano novo e carnaval. Acho que ela notou quem era quem ne? Eu hoje estou namorando uma menina que sabe do meu trauma, me aceita, e e muito boa. Mesmo. Ela nao sabe que eu ainda sinto algo por essa outra menina, mas eu nao trairia ela por motivos obvios. Eu sou super carinhoso e a amo, mas lembra no comeco quando eu disse que sentia o mundo diferente quando eu comecei a namorar a primeira menina? Pois e, agora que tinhamos terminado eu literalmente sentia as coisas ao redor de forma diferente, quase como se tudo tivesse fora do lugar ou como se eu tivesse sido teleportado pra outra realidade. Ate hoje sinto um vazio e diversas vezes sinto saudade dela, creio que foi meu primeiro amor e quem sabe o maior, mas nao me impede de amar de novo. Eu fiz coisas terriveis pra ela mas que nao se compara com o que ela fez comigo. Minha atual namorada sabe da historia toda. Ela e um grande pilar e me da muita forca mas por algum motivo eu sinto uma vontade autodestrutiva de trazer minha ex pra minha vida. Ela agiu de forma completamente irrelevante sobre o que ela fez, e isso me trouxe uma dor extrema. Faz 2 anos que, TODOS OS DIAS da minha vida eu penso nela. Eu nao a trocaria pela minha atual, nem em um cenario hipotetico, mas eu sinto que eu tenho muitas pontas soltas com ela. Enfim, nao sei, eu me contradigo bastante, tita da terra,
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2019.08.04 03:33 rainbow_elmo24 Three Brain Cells™ is looking for recruits!

Three Brain Cells™
“Don’t get G’nomed”

Who is TBC™?
Three Brain Cells [TBC] is a PS4 clan that was founded by a group of close friends that wanted to create a community for people who want to actively raid and have fun with other people with a similar mindset. TBC is a new clan, made a little over two weeks ago to open up our group and community to other players that have a similar mindset and schedule as us! We’re hoping to expand more leading up to Shadowkeep so that we can have multiple raid teams going for world’s first! (Looking more for the Day 1 completion than actual world’s first, we just wanna have fun). Basically, we want to create a mature, healthy and fun environment for other players.

Why Join our Clan?
Destiny blueberries are really sad and we’re not, so why not join? We’re a fun group of people who love playing and helping out as much as possible so if you don’t want people who are incompetent that can’t call out the right symbol in SOTP or shoot the right hand in CoS or literally run in one direction and countdown from 10 in LW, we’re definitely the clan for you.

How Does TBC™ Stay Organized?
We communicate through Discord only, the chat in Bungie is legit filled only with role changes and people being invited and joining the clan. It’s easier for a lot of us to communicate through Discord and it’s easier to integrate bots like Charlemagne to help our gaming experience. It also lets me cuss, so ya know. Definitely better.

What Can TBC™ Offer Me?
TBC will offer you a highly active, growing clan that participates in all Destiny 2 activities daily. From helping you accomplish world events like Nightfalls, Public Events and other Milestones to special events like Solstice of Heroes, the Revelry and Dawning. From Crucible oriented content like Quickplay, Banner, Comp. Normal or Prestige Level Raids & Lairs. All Gambit activities. Or to play hide and seek in SotP or a private crucible match. We’re here for basically any activity you can think of and we bring the element of fun into it!

What Does TBC™ Expect From Me?
Use Discord: Three Brain Cells ONLY communicates with Discord. If you don’t have Discord and actively communicate you will be kicked. We want to have this clan grow and be active, we understand that there’s real life commitments that people have but being inactive for over a week when we want to have this be an active clan is not okay. Also joining the clan while being active but not communicating at all is a no go, like I’ve said before; we want this clan to be an active community of players that know what to do and want to have fun. We became the team that we are because we did this and it would be great if we can share that with others.
Age: I’m not going to request that this clan is 21+ over, I know that there’s people that are better than me but are much younger than myself. I ask that if you’re 18 and under, you’re mature enough to understand that we’re going to be making jokes that are definitely not appropriate for younger people.
Be Active in D2: We understand that D2 is a game, we know that you can’t play 24/7. We only ask that you’re active enough to play with us (or other members of the clan), or let us know if there’s a difficult situation or circumstance that will not let you play so we know you’re not blowing us off.
Participate: A clan is a relationship, and that means give and take. We’ll help you and you’ll help us, it’s a mutual relationship of give and take.
Respect for Everyone: Although we are a small community at the moment and we make a lot of jokes, we all respect each other here and we expect the same from you. No bigotry, no racism, no homophobia. Respect us and we’ll respect you. Simple as that.

What's TBC™ Looking For?
Three Brain Cells is recruiting to make our clan and community bigger. We’re looking for experienced players who already know what to do and just want other experienced players to run raids with.
WE REQUIRE our members be active Guardians who are willing to use Discord and are looking to join an active clan for either the first time or looking to replace their current clan.
WE WANT members who have LEGITIMATE, EXTENSIVE experience/interest in Crucible & Raids. We want our clan to grow and at the moment, we really would like players that already know what to do so we can focus on speed runs and two/three/four man tabs for
WE’D LIKE our new members to be available, fun and able to take a joke. We’re mostly from the US but we are open to players from other countries, as long as you speak and understand English.

How do I apply to Three Brain Cells™?
Please reply to this post with the following:
  1. Gamertag
  2. Time Zone (any)
  3. Do you have discord? If so, what’s your ID (Gamertag #1234)?
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2019.05.04 20:01 brownboy2000 Rare Breed Entertainment: CLOSURE - LIVE PPV DISCUSSION

PPV Purchase Link
Closure Press Conference
Closure PPV Full Trailer
Its surprising that it's taken this long to get some of these matches together. Hitman & Bill & QB & Bonnie appear to be over 7 years in the making. Jae Millz and E Ness I'm sure goes much farther than that. And I know Math and Charlie has at least been talked about since NOME 8. Loving the theme of this card with all these grudge matches. But we know how grudge matches tend to go. It's a toss up whether it'll live up to the hype but RBE tends to deliver more often than not. Happy viewing guys!
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2018.02.14 21:13 tmothy07 "The Champions of the West": A look into the past of Michigan coaches

Hey everyone! My last post about Ohio State coaching history generated some buzz, fun discussion, and I learned a lot. I wanted to do something similar again and rkip5 as well as Revenge_of_the_Khaki made a good case for a write up of TTUN. It's always good to know your enemy, so here I am, an Ohio State guy writing a piece about TTUN....ok...for the rest of the post I guess I'll call them Michigan. So, here's a table of Michigan coaches starting at Jim Harbaugh going back as far as I can find reliable information about how they left the employ of the University of Michigan. To keep with the theme of the last does Jim Harbaugh leave?
Name Tenure Record at UM How he left
Jim Harbaugh 2015 - Present 28-11-0 N/A
Brady Hoke 2011 - 2014 31-20-0 Fired by interim athletic director Jim Hackett in the December of 2014 after going 5-7 and losing to rivals Ohio StateOhio State, Notre DameNotre Dame, and Michigan StateMichigan State. He was paid a $3 million buyout per his contract with the school, but had they waited until January that amount would have dropped to $2 million. He was named the defensive coordinator of OregonOregon, but was not retained in a head coaching change. He coached two games as interim head coach of TennesseeTennessee in place of Butch Jones, but was not retained after finishing the season 0-2. He is now the defensive line coach for the Carolina PanthersPanthers NFL team.
Rich Rodriguez 2008 - 2010 15-22-0 Dismissed by athletic director Dave Brandon after accumulating the lowest winning percentage (.405) of any coach at the University of Michigan and being hounded by major NCAA rule violations, a first for the program. His record against rivals wasn't a bright spot, accumulating 0-3 records against each of Ohio StateOhio State and Michigan StateMichigan State, but going 2-1 against Notre DameNotre Dame. His contract buy-out was $2.5 million. He went on to become an analyst for CBS sports, and then head coach of ArizonaArizona where he was also fired after an investigation.
Lloyd CarrHOF 1995 - 2007 122-40-0 Retired from coaching after the completion of the 2007 season. In his final game, Michigan defeated the defending national champion FloridaFlorida led by coach Urban Meyer and quarterback Tim Tebow by a score of 41-35 in the Capital One BowlCitrus Bowl (now the Citrus Bowl). He left Michigan ranked third in school victories, winning 5 Big TenBig Ten conference titles, and the 1997 AP National ChampionshipAP. He never had a losing season in general or Big TenBig Ten play. He compiled records of 5-4, 10-3, and 6-7 against Notre DameNotre Dame, Michigan StateMichigan State, and Ohio StateOhio State, respectively.
Gary Moeller 1990 - 1994 44-13-3 Resigned in the May of 1995 after recordings were released of an alleged drunken outburst following his arrest for disorderly conduct at a restaurant, here is a NYT article describing his resignation and the arrest. He had served as an assistant under Bo Schembechler, and spent his college playing days at Ohio StateOhio State where he was a three year letter winner and a member of the 1961 FWAA National Championship squad. Interestingly, athletic director Joe Roberson said in a statement that Lloyd Carr would be appointed as interim head coach, but was in no way a candidate for the position, source from the University. He had records of 3-1-1, 2-2-1, 3-2-0 against Ohio StateOhio State, Notre DameNotre Dame, and Michigan StateMichigan State, respectively. He did not coach another college team, but did become an assistant coach in the NFL, suddenly becoming the head coach of the Detroit LionsLions NFL team after the resignation of their head coach 9 games into the 2000 season.
Bo SchembechlerHOF 1969 - 1989 194-48-5 Retired from coaching following the 1989 season, his last game being the Rose Bowl GameRose Bowl where Michigan fell to Pacific-10Pac-12 champion Southern CaliforniaUSC. He cited his history of poor heart health as a large contributing factor to his retirement, as he had already survived a heart attack, a near-heart attack, and two bypass operations by that point. He is credited with reviving the rivalry with Notre DameNotre Dame as the teams had not played since 1942, his record against them stood at 4-6-0. He was the origininator of the Michigan team slogan, "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions", and he was right as every football player who played under him for 4 years would claim at least one Big TenBig Ten championship. He won 13. He did not ever have a losing season at Michigan, accumulating the most wins by a head coach at the school. He led the school to 17 bowl games, 10 of which being the Rose BowlRose Bowl. His record against archrival Ohio StateOhio State stood at 11-9-1, with his record in the infamous "Ten Year War" standing at a 5-4-1 advantage over the legendary Woody Hayes and helping earn the Big TenBig Ten the nickname "Big Two, Little Eight" due to the dominance of both teams in that era. His record against Michigan StateMichigan State stood at 17-4-0. Bo died the day before the 2006 iteration of The GameThe Game where the teams entered as #1 and #2 for the first time in the history of the rivalry, the cause was terminal heart disease. He was 77.
Bump ElliottHOF 1959 - 1968 51-42-2 Resigned shortly after losing to Ohio StateOhio State by a score of 50-14 in 1968. Reportedly, he was pressured to resign due to not living up to the school's lofty football standards. He won only one Big Ten Big Ten title, and also won the following Rose Bowl GameRose Bowl against Oregon StateOregon State. Following his resignation he became the associate athletic director at Michigan, followed by a long tenure at IowaIowa as athletic director. He is the only person to have been with Rose BowlRose Bowl teams in five capacities, meaning as a player, assistant coach, head coach, assistant athletic director, and athletic director. He is still alive, and turned 93 on January 30th.
Bennie OosterbaanHOF 1948 - 1958 63-33-4 Resigned in 1958 following a dismal 2-6-1 season saying, "The pressure finally got to me. Not the kind that comes from outside. Not from my bosses or the fans. I mean the pressure that builds up inside a head coach whether he wins or loses." He accumulated three Big TenBig Ten titles and a National Championship, with all four coming in his first three seasons as head coach. His record against Ohio StateOhio State was 5-5-1, and his record against Michigan StateMichigan State was 4-6-1. After his resignation, he became the director of athletic alumni relations at Michigan, a position he held until his retirement in 1972. One of his obituaries read that he "went to Ann Arbor as a freshman in 1924-and never left.", he passed away in 1990.
Fritz CrislerHOF 1938 - 1947 71-16-3 Resigned to become the full-time athletic director, he had held the position since 1941 after Yost's retirement and continued to serve until his retirement in 1968. He is credited with the maize and blue winged helmet design that Michigan uses to this day, as well as a number of innovations that we see across the sport of football such as the "two platoon" method of using different players for offense and defense. During his 10 seasons as head coach, the Wolverines only finished worse than second in the conference twice, winning two Big TenBig Ten titles and a National Championship that saw the AP conducted an unprecedented post-bowl vote. In another conference title year, 1943, the Wolverines' only loss came to Notre DameNotre Dame. This was is cited as responsible for the period between 1943 and 1978 where Michigan refused to play the Fighting Irish. Against their traditional rivals under Crisler, Michigan went 1-1-0 against Notre DameNotre Dame, 7-2-1 against Ohio StateOhio State, and 8-0-0 against Michigan StateMichigan State.
Harry KipkeHOF 1929 - 1937 46-26-4 Resigned following the 1937 due to poor performance, going 10-22-0 in a four season span. He was an all-american at Michigan during his playing days, lettered nine times, and was the captain of the 1923 National Championship squad. As the head coach of Michigan, he earned 4 conference titles (1930-1933) and two national championships (1932-1933), as well as coached future United States President Gerald Ford. Against Michigan's rivals, however, his success was less evident. He compiled a record of 3-6-0 against Ohio StateOhio State, went 3-4-2 against Michigan StateMichigan State, and 4-4-1 in the match up with MinnesotaMinnesota. During this time, the rivalry with Notre DameNotre Dame was inactive. Three years after resigning, he became a member of the University of Michigan Board of Regents, serving until 1947. He joined the United States Navy in 1942, and would later become the president of the Coca-Cola Company of Chicago. He died at the age of 73 in 1972, NYT article.
Elton WiemanHOF 1927 - 1928 9-6-1 Was dismissed by athletic director Fielding Yost after many rumors that there were strained relations and contention between the two, despite public statements to the contrary. After coaching the 1927 season, Yost announced that he would return again as head coach, but announced the day prior to the season opener that Wieman had been chosen again as head coach. Reportedly, Wieman was not notified of this change saying he was "the most surprised man in the country". In his two contentious years as head coach, Wieman came third and tied for seventh in the Big TenBig Ten, going 2-0-0 against Michigan StateMichigan State and 1-1-0 against Ohio StateOhio State. After Michigan, he became an assistant coach at MinnesotaMinnesota and then head coach of PrincetonPrinceton. During World War II , he became the chief of physical training for the Army's specialized training program, and was an assistant coach at ColumbiaColumbia. After the war, he became the athletic director at the University of MaineMaine and later retired at the University of DenverDenver. This is the May 28, 1929 edition of The Michigan Daily that describes one of the public denials of resignation from Michigan.
Fielding H. YostHOF - 2nd Tenure 1925 - 1926 14-2-0 Retired as head coach for a second time after winning the Big TenBig Ten title both seasons, naming Elton Wieman as head coach. He continued to serve in his role as athletic director until retiring in 1940, after which he was named athletic director emeritus. Under his guidance as athletic director, the university saw the construction of Michigan Stadium, Yost Fieldhouse, and the university golf course. He died in 1946 aged 75 years.
George LittleHOF 1924 6-2-0 Accepted an offer from the University of WisconsinWisconsin to become its athletic director and head coach in January of 1925. His single year as head coach of the Wolverines saw them finish 4th in the conference with victories over rivals Ohio StateOhio State, Michigan StateMichigan State, and MinnesotaMinnesota. Fun/sad fact, the 1924 season saw the University of ChicagoChicago win its final Big TenBig Ten title.
Fielding H. YostHOF - 1st Tenure 1901 - 1923 151-27-10 Retired as head coach to focus on his duties as athletic director. By the end of his 23 years as head coach, he had accumulated 6 national titles, and 8 Western/Big TenBig Ten titles with . For 10 season under Yost, the Wolverines competed as an independent after leaving the Western ConferenceBig Ten. A short history of this strange occurance starts with the Western ConferenceBig Ten reacting to President Theodore Roosevelt's threat to end the sport via executive order. An entire write-up could be done on this situation, so I will keep it brief here. They convened and laid out a series of rule changes, one of which being a restriction on professional coaches. This restriction would have forced Yost (who had a 59-2-1 record at Michigan at this point) to leave. Michigan President Angell presented his institution's dissenting opinion, but the conference did not budge. Michigan left the conference and returned in 1917. The MinnesotaMinnesota and Michigan StateMichigan State rivalries blossomed under coach Yost. Yost held a 2-1-0 lead in his series with Notre DameNotre Dame losing his third encounter with them, but after a dispute over two Fighting Irish players' eligibility, Michigan cut ties with Notre DameNotre Dame and did not play again until 1942. The series with Ohio StateOhio State was not competitive, with Yost's first game being in 1901, and last being in 1926. The Buckeyes would win only three games against Yost's sixteen victories. During their independent years, Michigan's most significant and competitive rivalry was with the University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania, with Yost compiling a 4-6-2 record against them.
Langdon LeaHOF 1900 7-2-1 Resigned to accept the position of head coach at PrincetonPrinceton, his Alma Mater. In his single season, Michigan finished fifth in the Western ConferenceBig Ten and tied Ohio StateOhio State, but defeated Notre DameNotre Dame. Unfortunately, I cannot find why he did not coach for more than one year at Princeton or what he pursued after coaching. If anyone has any sources, I'd love to see them. He died at the age of 63 in 1937.
Gustave Ferbert 1897 - 1899 24-3-1 Resigned to prospect for gold in Alaska. Striking it rich in 1908/09. Ferbert's coaching tenure saw the first iteration of the now legendary and history filled match-up with Ohio StateOhio State, the teams played to a 34-0 Michigan victory where all the points were scored in the first "half". The game contained two "halves", one being 20 minutes in duration, while the other was 15 minutes. In 1898, Ferbert oversaw the first conference championship for Michigan, going 10-0-0 defeating Michigan AgriculturalMichigan State (first match-up, 39-0) and Notre DameNotre Dame. In his three years, Michigan did not finish worse than 3rd. He left Michigan in May of 1900 to join the Klondike Gold Rush, and was out of contact for several years before it was published that he was sailing homeward from Nome, Alaska with 1 million dollars (the equivalent of about $25,916,993 in 2017) having struck it rich on gold claims. It should be noted, that these claims are doubted by some historians, saying that the claims wealth may have been "vastly overstated", but no one knows for sure as his later life is not well documented. He died of a heart attack in Cleveland, Ohio in 1943 at the age of 69.
William Ward 1896 9-1-0 As he was a coach during the single year he attended the University of Michigan medical school, he left the post when he enrolled at the medical school at the University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania. Later, Ward had good things to be said of Michigan, the football team, and the Psi Upsilon fraternity, but ultimately said "One year in the West was enough for me." preferring to stay in the east and devote his life to the study of medicine. He started a medical practice in New York, eventually becoming a well regarded surgeon and doctor. Ward also served in World War I. He died in 1936 at the age of 61.
William McCauley 1894 - 1895 17-2-1 As he was a coach during his time as a medical student at Michigan, once he enrolled at the University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania he left his position as assistant coach in 1896 (he had handed off head coach responsibilities to Ward for that season). He only lost to CornellCornell and HarvardHarvard during his two seasons as head coach, and was the first western team to beat an eastern school defeating CornellCornell 12-4. He died shortly after his enrollment at PennPennsylvania of heart disease. He was 26 years old.
Frank Barbour 1892 - 1893 14-8-0 It seems he stopped coaching to focus full-time on business pursuits, as he was associated with the New York Central & Hudson Valley Railroad. Later he worked with his brother-in-law and convinced him to enter the chewing gum business, later serving as director and vice-president of his brother-in-law's company, Beech-Nut Packing Company. Chewing gum became Beech-Nut's top product, providing 11 million dollars (approximately $196,543,503 in 2017) in sales alone. He died in 1948 at the age of 77, leaving an estate of $1,308,151 (approximately $13,287,014 in 2017).
Frank Crawfordco-coach 1891 4-5 While studying to earn his law degree, he began serving as a co-coach and trainer with Mike Murphy, Crawford left Michigan to become the coach of WisconsinWisconsin in 1892. In 1893, he moved on to NebraskaNebraska who were called the "Bugeaters" at the time. He won a the Western Interstate University Football Association title with them in 1894. In 1895, he coached TexasTexas to a 5-0 record before moving on to Nebraska WesleyanNebraska Wesleyan in 1896 before retiring from coaching in 1897. While coaching, he opened a law practice in Omaha, Nebraska in 1893. Later, in 1901, he opened another practice with Henry Teft Clarke, Jr. He taught at Creighton University'sCreighton school of law starting in 1906 until 1913. After World War I, he practiced law in France until the outbreak of World War II when he moved New York City. He died in 1963 at the age of 93.
Mike Murphyco-coach 1891 4-5 It's hard to say why he left Michigan, but based on his career, he was a journeyman trainer and coach. After Michigan, he started the football program at VillanovaVillanova, worked at PennPennsylvania, and the New York Athletic Club. He trained Olympians for the 1900, 1908, and 1912 Summer Games, as well as was the trainer of heavyweight champion John L. Sullivan. He is regarded as the father of American track, and revolutionized athletic training. He died in 1913 at the age of 53. There is so much information in his Wikipedia page, I encourage you to read it.
Nobody 1879 - 1880 22-11-1 During these years, Michigan's football team was self-organized and did not normally play more than a handful of games in a season with one, two, or three game seasons being common. In fact, in the 1882 season, it seems Michigan finished with the record of 0-0-0.
Here is a list of the various sources (that are not already linked above) I used to compile this table:
As a life-long Ohio State fan and alumnus, it's been a blast to do this write up and I learned quite a bit about my rival. The Ohio State-Michigan Game has always been a bigger deal in our house than just about any other holiday, and it's the one thing I will never allow any activity to disrupt. As much as I hate you all, we're companion pieces in history (to quote the wonderful HBO documentary), and I love it.
Thanks for reading, and Go Buckeyes! Ohio State
Edit: Formatting Changes
No informational changes as of yet, but I will detail them here if there are. Also, unfortunately a lot of the flairs won't make much sense until we get out of this Olympics mode. Hopefully you'll come back and take a look after we switch back :)
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2017.12.10 17:11 EvangelosKamikaze [Fluff] The story of Togo - probably the greatest dog to have ever lived

Hi community. I've been a dog lover all my life and I adored dog stories. I'd read stories of heroic dogs and just sit in awe at just what some of those animals did in the years of their lives. I realized that I was fascinated with exceptional animals in general - animals who, like exceptional human beings, accomplished things in their lives beyond the experience and capability of other members of their species. And so it was that when I read about Togo, I was firmly convinced (and still am today) that he was probably the greatest dog who ever lived. So check this out.
Who was Togo?
Some of you may have heard of the 1925 serum run to Nome, also known as the Great Race of Mercy. What basically happened was that an Alaskan town, Nome, was threatened by a Diphtheria outbreak in 1925. Nome was northern enough that it's basically locked from the rest of the US during winter - and without medicine shipments that comes with traffic and trade, an epidemic outbreak in the depths of winter could basically wipe out the entire population of the city, along with a good number of surrounding communities. An emergency SOS was sent out, and medicine was gathered from the settlements closest to Nome. It was decided that planes couldn't make it through the extreme cold without their engines freezing solid, so in the end, 20 mushers and about 150 sled dogs were selected to deliver the medicine to the settlement before everyone is doomed. The run was 674 miles (1,085 km), done in five and a half days, and Togo was the dog who did the most difficult, dangerous, and longest leg of it. And believe me, it was not a small achievement.
Togo's beginnings
Togo's life was special and storied even when he was a pup. He was born scrawny and small, lighter and weaker than all the others, and was mistaken as the runt of his litter. He developed a painful disorder which caused his throat to swell, and was also constantly sick during his childhood, and needed a lot of nursing and care. However, he was already very brave and mischievous as a pup, being bold and rowdy and difficult in general. He was not the nice, well-groomed, polite kid with good grades that we all know would go on to become a doctor - rather, he was one of those strange, weird, naughty kids who constantly mess things up for the class, but who we all somehow suspect would grow up to be a special someone one day. In this way, he's just like some of the great human beings our civilization has produced: born weaker and challenged in some ways, but showed great spirit and was just plain different. Marked, perhaps, for a special destiny.
And out of all the sled dogs who'd normally be named 'fritz', 'russki', 'suggen' and other generic dog names, Togo was somehow named after Togo Heihachiro, 'the Nelson of the East', the legendary Japanese admiral who defeated the Russian armada and skyrocketed Japan to international fame. Somehow of all the other dogs, only Togo, the dog who would go on to become the most exceptional of all, had a very special name.
Anyway, because Leonhard Seppala (his owner for his whole life and a local legend musher himself who took part in the same leg of the serum run) considered Togo unfit as a sled dog (due to being scrawny and unruly to boot), he gave him away as a pet at 6 months of age. Togo stayed in his new home for a few weeks, he escaped from the adoptee's home by jumping through a window, and meticulously working his way back to Seppala's kennel (a good distance away from where he was living at the time). For most of us, a dog knowing how to navigate many miles back to his owner's house at mere 6 months of age would be impressive enough, but it would prove to be some of the least impressive things that Togo has done. But the escape itself? It's either a great display of loyalty, or that Togo somehow knew he had a special calling. Given how the great events of his life turned out, it isn't at all far-fetched that he might, just might, know where his true life always lay.
Togo started training then. Him being mischievous and naughty, he spent the first months of his training messing up other sled dogs and their formations. He continued to harrass Sepp's teams whenever they hit the trail. Whenever Togo got free of the kennel, and met a returning team, he'd dart up to its leader and jump at him. Doing this almost cost him his life once, when he ran up to a team of trail-hardened malamutes and was mauled, and severely injured. Seppala had him rushed by dogsled to his kennels for medical attention. However, this experience would actually help to make him a better sled dog, as one of the hardest things to teach an inexperienced lead dog is how to pass another team without getting distracted and possibly being lured into a fight (or starting one). Togo never pestered another team again, always giving an approaching team a wide berth. When he would "pass by" another team going in the same direction, he would dig in, pull on the harness, yelp and rush on ahead. Sepp said that " a lot of humans, Togo had learned the hard way". He was tested ahead of his time, which forged him, like some great human beings, into the beginnings of the exceptional dog he would become.
Becoming a leader
He was about eight months old when he finally got the chance to show his quality as a sled dog and a potential lead dog. Seppala had to rush out with a team to a mining camp outside of Nome. A prospector had hired Seppala to take him up to Dime Creek, where there was word of a new gold strike. It was 160 miles away. Seppala had tied Togo up, leaving instructions that he be kept secure for two days after his departure, because he didn't want Togo chasing after the team and then, as usual, harrassing the dogs in the rush they were in. Togo hated being tied up, and the same night that Seppala left, Togo broke free from his tether and jumped the seven-foot-high fence of the kennel, but got one of his hind legs caught in the wire mesh at the top of the fence. Squealing and yelping, he caught the attention of a kennel assistant, who came out and cut the mesh to free him. Togo dropped to the ground, rolled over, and immediately set off after Seppala and the team.
Togo ran through the night, following Seppala's trail all the way to the roadhouse at Solomon, and rested quietly outside for the remainder of the night. The next morning, Sepp noticed that his team was off to a rather quick start. He assumed they had caught the scent of a reindeer ahead on the trail. When he looked ahead, and saw a dog running loose far off ahead of them, he figured it out. It was Togo up to his usual mischief. He darted about at the team, nipping playfully at the leader's ears, and then occasionally charging off after reindeer. When Seppala finally caught him, he felt he had no choice but to put him where he could keep an eye on him...back in one of the wheel positions directly in front of the sled. The moment he slipped the harness around Togo's head and neck, the dog became serious and calm. The tugline went taut and he focused on the trail. This amazed Seppala, who discerned that apparently, what Togo wanted all along was to be a member of Seppala's team.
Throughout the day, Seppala kept moving Togo up the line until, at the end of the day, he was sharing the lead position with the lead dog. Togo had logged seventy-five miles on his first day in harness, which was unheard of for an inexperienced young sled dog, especially a puppy. Seppala called him an "infant prodigy". And later added that "I had found a natural-born leader, something I had tried for years to breed". Togo would go on to serve more than a decade as Seppala's lead dog, and at 12 years old, he would encounter the great event of his life, the one that would cement his legendary reputation.
The fateful Serum Run
The Serum run. A city locked and isolated by the winter, an outbreak of disease that threatened to wipe out the whole region, a desperate call for help, conferences called, teams assembled, and the greatest sled dog mushers of the day stepping up to the heroic task. Even the wikipedia article on it was a gripping account - it's basically movie material in and of itself, and Togo was the greatest hero of the whole endeavour. He basically single-handedly navigated the most treacherous and dangerous leg of the Serum run, which was a grueling trek through a huge blizzard with gale force winds causing a wind chill of −85 °F (−65 °C). Some of the other dogs, when not properly protected, literally collapsed from the cold and died within minutes. Togo ran 350 miles (563 km) through the worst leg of the already extremely dangerous run, in the depths of winter, and including a courageous swim through some ice floes to rescue his owner no less. In contrast, Balto ran 55 miles through a much calmer and more peaceful leg. This event probably marked Togo as one of the, if not THE, greatest sled dog of all time. By the time of the run, Togo was 12 years old and already a veteran leader - but like all heroes, human and animal, he was blessed to have lived in interesting times. Just as Napoleon would've been no one without the French Revolution, Togo would've been a capable, and yet common, sled dog had he not lived in his time. There was a saying - "may you live in interesting times" - and Togo's life was very much a testament to that.
And on the note of Togo being possibly the greatest sled dog of all time, keep in mind that sled dogs in general are already some of the toughest, smartest, most resourceful and physically capable of all dog breeds. Some of you may know that humans actually outperform almost every other animal in terms of distance running - we have better stamina than cheetahs, wolves, horses, every four-legged animal that can run - except, for some reason, husky-malamute-mix sled dogs, who can run 5 marathons back-to-back (42 x 5 = 210km) EVERY DAY and keep it up for up to 9 days. And unlike human distance runners who basically have to take months off to rest and recuperate from the exertion, sled dogs only needed a few days of rest before they'll be up and at it again. And most sled dogs do this for over a decade. That's a level of fitness not even the fittest human beings could hope to match. And even that's only for a common grunt sled dog. Leaders have to do much more - navigate and pick paths, sniff out a way forward through blinding blizzards and to identify way-stations and bring the team there, without which everyone's guaranteed to be dead in the water. This requires thinking, planning and decision-making on a level most dogs would be outright incapable of. So when I say to you that Togo might be the greatest lead sled dog of all time, then I hope you truly realize the magnitude of that particular accolade. It marks him as one of the most capable animals that ever lived on the planet.
Togo and his journey through the Underworld
Togo was alternately venerated and forgotten by the public after the run. While Balto became the publicity dog (obviously nobody's blaming the poor dog himself for being a glory stealer, but you know what I mean), Togo settled into a peaceful retirement and became an ancestor of virtually every husky/malamute we're living alongside nowadays. He died at 16 - but even in death, Togo went through a 52-year long journey before he reached his final resting place. After Togo died, he was stuffed and put on display. Seppala visited him a final time in his eighties - Togo was his best dog and in his words, 'the best dog who ever travelled the Iditarod trail'. A few years later, the museum decided to retire their dog collection, and Togo's body was moved from museum to museum. And because countless hands have petted and stroked him, his coat started falling into disrepair, and Togo wasn't even that pretty (like the majestic wallpaper-grade huskies we know and love) in the first place. His coat was threadbare in places and his tail was worn down to the wire component of his mount. Eventually he became so battered that when a new director for the museum arrived, one of the staff asked the director to take "the raggedy dog" off exhibit. The museum director agreed and placed Togo in storage, where he was forgotten, with no one knowing of his life, history and reputation.
But luckily this guy, Ed Blechner, came along. He worked at the museum as a carpenter, but (thankfully) also had a background in raising and racing sled dogs. One day, he discovered a rather poor looking stuffed dog sitting on top of a refrigerator in a storage building. Mr. Blechner was curious about this dog, and after (thankfully again) doing some research, he learned that the stuffed dog was Togo. One could only imagine his surprise and feelings upon discovering so - "this was Togo?! Seppala's dog?! The one of the serum run?!" - regardless, Togo was rediscovered, and Blechner went about trying to find Togo a home more deserving of his reputation. Blechner informed the museum director of the identity and heroic history of this dog, and the diretor agreed that they could not just leave Togo in storage. It didn't take long for the news media to pick up the story - Soon the museum was flooded with inquiries from Alaskan school children, members of both the Vermont and Alaska state legislatures, dog clubs, museums, and various city officials. Most of them wanted Togo returned to his native homeland. Other suggestions were also offered as to Togo's disposition -- bury him where he had died in New England, do a taxidermic workover, or create a separate museum for Togo. But eventually, it was decided that Togo should be returned to Alaska - his birthplace. His model was refurbished with materials from a recently deceased dog, a glass shelf was made so he won't be petted into a skeleton again, and he was finally put in the Iditarod museum, in the same area as his master, Leonhard Seppala's final resting place. In death, Togo's final journey took 57 years - more than half a century - and the events of this saga were no less storied than the great events of his life.
Summing up...
It's actually the first time I've written an article about a dog, even though I adore dogs and I've written often enough in the past. It's that at some point I realized that already I gush about Togo so much - the very paragon of a dog, the greatest to have lived, but whose story is so woefully undertold. And it was today that I realized that I wanted to tell people about this dog, who's perhaps the most self-actualized dog who has ever lived. We all know that dogs are work animals with a built-in work ethic, and to a dog, not even the best spoiling and care could compare to the fulfilment that working can bring. A working dog, who feels that his work was appreciated and meaningful, is the happiest dog. And in this respect, I believe Togo, who had been through so many significant events in his life and who'd always been so special, was one of the greatest dogs who had ever lived, in every sense of the word. And I suppose I just want you to know.
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2017.05.23 00:42 Avozinn (24/04)Unfair ban- Help

Hello .. Good evening. My name is John, well let's get down to my problem. At one time during the LBEE championship matches, along with my Phedora clan, I was having some problems regarding the connection of the Game Paladins. Because I was always taking DC (disconect) I did not quite understand the real reason. In spite of this I continued playing the game so much that I have 511 hours played of the game that sums up in lvl 78 or 79, I do not remember well because I was banned on 04/04, first because of the problems that I faced during the game I recognized that it was something Common as it was a game in beta still, so beauty. After this in a certain day I was connected to my nick account: AvozinN, I managed to play the first game of androxus in a competitive match. Soon after my Paladins closed and updated quickly, then I tried to perform the loguin and to my surprise was the "User banned" it unbelievably discouraged me, since I never used illegal tools in the game and never used because it was Well known in the competitive matches for having a Master Tank besides videos recorded for my channel, finally with the time since 04/04 I'm trying to contact Hi-Rez for the solution of the problem that has frustrated me a lot, Because besides ignoring me and answering me at times, they told me to get in touch with Anti-Cheat.Thereafter the tendency was only to get worse because I did not get any answer.I'm honestly a Paladins player and I admire this game so much that I invested in my account an absurd time and the recommendation to friends to play the game.I repeat again I am not and never used illegal tools in the game.It follows the links confirming the video of plays in the Game.
Video 1: Video 2:
In addition to many prints and replays recorded with the own screen of my cell phone in which I send these to the group of my clan in Whatsapp, then I beg your help, I implore because I love this game and I hated the way I was Treated by the moderators of the game, I did not feel anything important because there were so many emails asking for help, so I decided to resort to these methods of manifesting myself. Note. Nick: AvozinN ID: 21361289
So if you need any more proof about this I'll be here to answer any request. And I will be extremely attentive in my email regarding answers. Thank you for your attention.
Versão BR:
Olá boa tarde. Meu nome é John, bem, vamos descer ao meu problema. Ao mesmo tempo durante os jogos do campeonato LBEE, juntamente com o meu clã Phedora, eu estava tendo alguns problemas com relação à conexão dos Paladinos do Jogo. Porque eu estava sempre tomando DC (disconect) eu não entendo muito bem a verdadeira razão. Apesar disso eu continuei jogando tanto que eu tenho 511 horas jogadas do jogo que resume em lvl 78 ou 79, eu não me lembro bem porque eu fui banido em 04/04, primeiro por causa dos problemas que eu Enfrentado durante o jogo eu reconheci que era algo comum como era um jogo em beta ainda, assim beleza. Depois disso em um certo dia eu estava conectado à minha conta de nick: AvozinN, eu consegui jogar o primeiro jogo do androxus em um jogo competitivo. Logo depois de meus Paladins fechado e atualizado rapidamente, então eu tentei realizar o loguin e para minha surpresa foi o "Usuário banido" incrivelmente desencorajou-me, uma vez que eu nunca usei ferramentas ilegais no jogo e nunca usado porque era bem conhecido no Competitivas para ter um Master Tank além de vídeos gravados para o meu canal, finalmente com o tempo desde 04/04 Estou tentando entrar em contato com Hi-Rez para a solução do problema que me frustrou muito, Porque além de me ignorar e responder Eu às vezes, eles me disseram para entrar em contato com Anti-Cheat.Thereafter a tendência foi só para piorar porque eu não recebi qualquer answer.I honestamente um jogador Paladins e eu admiro este jogo tanto que eu investi em Minha conta um tempo absurdo ea recomendação aos amigos para jogar o jogo. Repito novamente eu não sou e nunca usei ferramentas ilegais no game.It segue os links confirmando o vídeo de peças no jogo.
Vídeo 1: Vídeo 2:
Além de muitas impressões e repetições gravadas com a própria tela do meu celular em que eu envio essas para o grupo do meu clã no WhatsApp, então eu imploro sua ajuda, eu imploro porque eu amo este jogo e eu odiava a maneira que eu era Tratados pelos moderadores do jogo, eu não senti nada importante porque havia tantos e-mails pedindo ajuda, então eu decidi recorrer a esses métodos de manifestar-me. Nota. Nick: AvozinN ID: 21361289
Então, se você precisar de mais provas sobre isso, estarei aqui para responder a qualquer solicitação. E vou ser extremamente atencioso no meu e-mail sobre as respostas. Obrigado pela sua atenção.
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2016.06.07 04:52 GateNomes A Long, Honest, and Constructive Note to the Mods and Developers Responsible for the Development of Simulator Air Battles in War Thunder.

WARNING: This is an extremely long post I have been putting together for some time, and one which I have already posted in the "Constructive Criticism" Section of the WT forums. In case anyone tries suggesting me to post there, no worries, I'm way ahead of you. However, I am aware that some of Gaijin lurks in this subreddit, and it is my hope that someone out there hears me out.
Hello Mods and Developers!
I am writing here to give a lot of my general feedback about SB Air, having started initially as a pilot over a year ago in what is now referred to as "Old Sim," the mode where we had daily rotating matchups based around the Battle Rating (BR) random matchmaking system. I have been almost continuously and exclusively playing Sim Air since then, all the way through to today's BR-based Enduring Confrontation (EC) matchups.
What I would like to first provide feedback about is the current communication between Developers and the SB community. As of right now, from a player’s perspective, it seems virtually nonexistent, as I know Devs do not hang out in the SB forums where all of our threads exist providing excellent feedback to help Devs construct the best SB Air modes for this game. Included in the mess of Sim threads is the one in particular that was (supposedly) an Enduring Confrontation "Feedback Thread," which was supposed to actually be dedicated to consolidating current feedback regarding EC for Devs to feed from to help better improve the game mode. All I'm seeing in it instead is a massive series of side-conversations that develop from naturally spilling into controversial topics (particularly bomber-related), among other things, with the occasional very thought out posting from individuals of which I really wish Devs would see. Unfortunately, a lot of this all gets shrouded by hundreds (maybe thousands) of postings all going on at once in that single thread, which is now over 125 pages long.
I am mainly bringing this constructive criticism thread to life here because I have been in those forums reading a lot of what players have had to say about the mode over time, and had a lot of time to digest what everyone seems to be asking for. I may not hit every point players are asking for here, but I will try to hit some of the big ones that come to mind that a lot of players tend to talk about.
First thing to note before I get into a lot of this is that there is sort of a divide in the Sim community regarding whether they prefer playing Old Sim versus the newly-introduced EC mode. I will tell you from my experience having played the heck out of both versions, that they are both extremely enjoyable, and for very different reasons. The one-life playstyle of Old Sim was very intense from the sense that if you are even shot down once, you're out of the match - and what has come to light more recently was that many of us in the SB forums do miss that immersive feel of Old Sim matches, and we haven't had a chance to play that since December. At the same time, many of us also really love the nonstop action the EC mode has to offer. Hence the divide that exists amongst us in that sense. But one thing most of us can agree on is that Historical EC was one of the best things to ever happen with the SB Air mode. I'll take you back in time to two instances in particular:
Late December 2015/Early January 2016:
During this timeframe, there was an event going on to earn a gift P-63 C-5 for USSR which could only be earned through completing several tasks in "Old Sim" matches if you were not an AB/RB player; EC matches would not count for these tasks. However, at the time there were also three Historical EC lineups running: reserve tier Khalkin-Gol, Tier 2-3 Stalingrad, and Tier 3-4 Ruhr. I personally spent most of my time playing the Stalingrad and Ruhr HEC matchups, from both sides of each matchup, and they were incredibly fun. There were always plenty of players in games, every game, at almost any time of the day. But the best part about all of this was that the Old Sim rotations were also going on, and they were also getting plenty of players! It was an incredible thing to see that both modes of Sim were thriving with players. We had the best of both worlds, because we still could play Old Sim if we wanted, but also had the option of playing the new HEC mode. The Historical EC mode was drawing in a lot of new SB players, which helped not only the EC mode thrive, but also the Old Sim category. I played HEC almost every day that it ran during DecembeJanuary, and I can tell you there was almost never a shortage of players in both the Stalingrad and Ruhr matchups. There was a 150,000 point cap for this setup, and respawning airfields, which was successful in keeping games running for a long period of time, as intended.
May 2016 HEC Stalingrad Weekend (32 vs. 32 test):
This weekend was one of the best weekends of SB Air gameplay I have had in the last 6 months of SB in War Thunder. I was skeptical about the 32v32 setup, knowing we wouldn’t fill games nearly as fast as the RB community could for their test. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the games I joined were filling up in no time! There were TONS of players, new and old checking the mode out! And the best part was they stayed most of the weekend. I will also note that while this event was running, BR-based EC was still an available game mode to play. So even with 5 tiers of BR-based EC available, players were almost unanimously electing to play the HEC event instead, and staying for as long as they could. For the SB community, this HEC event was a gift, and we made sure to play it as long as we could. If that isn’t a testament to what the SB players want, I don’t know what is. I saw DEV’s in games with us witnessing all the action first-hand. It gave me hope that maybe someday, they would realize this version of EC is the way to go. However, I haven’t seen another HEC event since.
Really the only part that failed with this May event was the reduction of the point cap to 75,000 Air Domination Points. This, in conjunction with non-respawning airfields, made for some seriously short games for a 32v32 setting, which is not the intended result of EC. If anything, 32v32 needed a 150,000 point cap as a starting point to have a chance at lasting long enough. Most games were finished in under an hour. I consider this an issue that is easy to fix. However, it is still not fixed, and still running this way even in the BR-based EC setup going on as we speak.
Sadly, in both of these above HEC cases, they eventually came to an end, and we were soon left with what is currently the SB Air mode active right now: BR-based EC.
Issues with BR-based EC
There are a multitude of reasons why BR-based EC simply isn’t working. SB players will occasionally play it, enjoy it temporarily, but then time and time again get bored of it, and revert to either playing SB Tanks, or not playing the game at all. I personally know a large number of players who have stopped playing War Thunder altogether since the implementation of BR-based EC. They were around during Old Sim, and they would sporadically return for HEC (maybe), but that was pretty much it. I won’t go into extreme detail on those matters as there are more than enough pages in the EC Feedback Thread of players posting rage posts about the BR-based EC topic. The BR system has its place in other game modes where it does (though not perfect) still work a lot better – namely, in our case, Old Sim.
Aircraft selection:
Old Sim is a prime example of where the BR brackets actually produce decent matchups overall, with pretty decent variety of aircraft present on either team since all aircraft are available to choose prior to entering the queue. One of the weaknesses of the EC mode is the timers present for “higher-BR” planes of a given EC bracket, where players have to wait upwards of 45min to play the aircraft they actually want to fly. This leaves the low-BR planes to only be accessible, which produces a terrible lack of variety of aircraft on both teams (and also some very unbalanced starts to matches for some BR’s – for example Germany vs. USSR IV, where USSR gets to start in a Yak-3P, while Germany must start with a Bf-109 G-6… both of which are BR 4.7. The Yak-3P vastly outperforms the Bf-109 G-6 in this case, though they are assigned the exact same BR value of 4.7). Old Sim shines in this regard, because of the ability for all players in the queue to be allowed to fly whatever they want, whenever they want. The BR-based random matchmaker takes care of the rest, and from my time playing it before the EC era, I found it to be well worth the few minutes spent in the queue waiting (if even that long at all).
Captured aircraft:
One of the biggest controversies with the BR system being implemented in EC is the large presence of “captured” premium aircraft resulting from it. This absolutely kills the immersion aspect that SB players are asking for, and leads to some very confusing gameplay a lot of the time. To see full teams of “German” P-47’s attacking full teams of “American” Bf-109’s and A6M2’s due to their low-Blow-timer requirements... it simply is not the intended WWII battle players want to take part in for hours at a time in this game. What was so convenient about the DecembeJanuary scenario was that HEC was around, which eliminated this captured-plane spam issue… but at the same time allowed those players to use them in Old Sim which was still running; players could fly whatever they wanted, premium aircraft included! This is the exact setup that worked out the best - historical matchups for EC, running alongside the rotating Old Sim (BR-based) matchups. This was proven during that DecembeJanuary timeframe. The players loved it! Why? Because they had the choice to fly whatever they wanted, premiums included (in Old Sim), or play some extended games of Historical EC, which were full of action all the time since captured planes/BR limitations were nonexistent, and the gameplay was quite fun.
The disappearance of Japan:
Aside from a couple games during WWII Chronicles, I haven’t played a single Japanese aircraft in the last 6-7months of playing War Thunder. And it appears no one else has either. There are a number of reasons why. First of all, players literally cannot afford to play Japan. Have you seen the repair prices for Japanese planes in the tech tree? Players must pay upwards of 20,000-70,000+ Silver Lions, just for a single flyout in SB! That’s a ridiculous amount of Silver Lions for most players. Compared to any other tech tree, Japan’s repair costs are incredibly unreasonable being at least double, if not triple (or higher!) what other tech trees’ aircraft cost per flyout. It’s almost impossible for the average player to make a profit playing Japan - so much that it literally violates the Free-to-Play economic model of War Thunder. Japan has officially turned into a “pay-to-play” nation almost across the board. It is way out of control. Imagine having died in an EC match flying a Ki-61 only three times… you’re already over 60k Silver Lions in the negative. Make that a Ki-84 instead, and now you’ve upped that deficit to probably well over 90k Silver Lions. You can’t even make that many Silver Lions in EC using a premium plane, scoring twice that number of deaths (6) in the form of successful air kills.
The other reason no one wants to play Japan is because Japan is no longer allowed to fight USA! The SB community has been asking nonstop: “Why?” I can’t find one good reason to prevent Japan from fighting USA in SB. In fact, it’s an entire theater of WWII, and a favorite of the SB matchups for most SB players! I can tell you this from experience – most players hate the Japan vs. USSR matchup, and right now that is the only available option to the Japan players. I guarantee you that the Japanese enthusiasts in the SB community of this game have been long gone for many months because of this. It is just despicable what has been happening to the Japan side of this game for the last half-year of War Thunder SB. I have yet to research the new (well, not so “new” anymore) Ki-83 everyone’s talking about in AB and RB, because we can’t even get a real match anymore as Japan in SB. The honest truth is that the players who want to see these issues fixed the most have already tried addressing them, and by now have given up on Gaijin. As of right now for the SB community, Japan is considered dead, and unrecoverable with the current EC setup. The only saving grace that may bring Japan back to life is a revival of Old Sim, USA vs. Japan. It is arguably one of the BEST matchups this game has. And I say that, because I know players who have dedicated most of their time in this game to that matchup specifically. I assure you, many of those players are no longer with us.
As a side note, the queue for EC is inherently clogged with Allied (Brits/USA) pilots who are waiting upwards of an hour to get into a game, particularly in Tier 4. That’s because Brits/USA only fight Germany right now, and Germany is currently doing double-duty being split 50/50 between fighting USA/Brits, and fighting USSR. So there are seemingly never enough Germans to balance the number of Allies in the queue. I know the best way to fix the issue – let the excess Allied pilots fight Japan (But wait… they can’t anymore)! This is one of the many outcries of the Sim community right now.
Non-respawning airfields/games ending prematurely:
Now, about the bomber spam issue everyone is thrashing out about across the SB forums. I’ll explain it to you in short – bombers are effortlessly ending EC matches far too quickly. The 75,000 point cap already is too low for this mode (and a separate issue altogether). But now matches are ending well before even 75,000 points are reached, because airfields which used to respawn several minutes after destruction… no longer respawn. It only takes a couple payloads to destroy an airfield in EC. A single player can wipe out one of the three airfields in as short as one single pass depending on the bomber they’re in. Now imagine a team loaded with 10-12 bomber pilots: there is no stopping them. They will make it to the airfields, and the airfields will go down very quickly. And when they do, that’s it, game’s over. The team victim to those bombers can no longer spawn… so once their plane goes down, they will be auto-kicked from the match to go find a new one. That, in short, is what almost every Tier 4 game looks like right now (but this does also happen in other tiers occasionally). Most players don’t fly in Tier 4 anymore as a result (myself included). This issue was a non-issue when airfields used to respawn after destruction, to better prolong matches through to the Air Domination Points cap instead. But we no longer have that – EC games are now ending in a matter of minutes, instead of hours like we had in January.
Other Reasons Why We Miss the Option to Play Old Sim
Map Variety:
This game has some really cool maps… and that’s a major understatement. One of the greatest strengths of this game is how awesome its maps look. It’s too bad we will never see them again! I loved the random aspect of the old matchmaker, where we could end up on any map of the given matchup at any time. There were tons of them, and it made for helping relieve the redundancy that EC maps are forcibly providing. EC maps are the same every time, and that fact alone has led to the boredom that so much of the SB community experiences playing it. We revert to SB Tanks sometimes just for the sake of flying somewhere other than Ruhr or Stalingrad for once. Otherwise, we just stop playing – we’re bored!
Unlocking Skins for Aircraft:
The SB community playing EC hasn’t unlocked a new aircraft skin in the last 6 months of War Thunder. Think about that. For some reason, Gaijin appears to still not want us to unlock skins while playing EC. We’ve posted about this nonstop. We’ve made the suggestions in the Suggestions section of the forums. Nothing has been done about this for over 6 months now, and players are really getting frustrated. This was, for a lot of players, an achievement to go after – to unlock all skins in the game. Well not anymore! Unless you’re an AB or RB player, skins for many vehicles are now impossible to earn. The SB community has been completely shafted in this regard.
In Conclusion
If this wasn’t obvious already, I hope it is now: in short, the Sim community is extremely frustrated across the board. There are so many things about this game that make it great, which for whatever reason are being thrown away by Gaijin. We’ve been constantly telling you what works: the variety of maps and matchups we had in Old Sim, the historical matchups we had for EC, the prolonged EC battles we had in the very beginning due to respawning airfields… all these awesome things that worked are, again, all being thrown away! Instead, we are forcibly living with the BR-based EC setup right now, which is failing for many reasons as outlined earlier. By the way, those aren’t all of the issues – feel free to peruse the 125 pages of Feedback Thread for the rest. There is a lot of unrest in the SB community over this. What the community asks for is not really that much. It’s all the little things; Being able to unlock skins, having a variety of matchups to play throughout the week, being allowed to fly any plane we want, any time we want like AB/RB players do, playing Historical EC again, playing JAPAN again! It’s sad to see all of that go so quickly and so easily. I haven’t even talked about how disappointed all of the jet pilots are with Tier V BR-based EC. They’ve all stopped playing too.
As someone who has still stuck with this game through the good and bad times of Sim, I am personally requesting that someday Gaijin do a revival of what we had in DecembeJanuary. I am telling you truthfully, that the answers to most of our former (and current) problems were in those 3 weeks. Having the option to either play the Old Sim rotation, or Historical EC, was the best “choice” I have ever been presented with in my time playing this game (over 2 years now). Both of those modes are highly successful Sim modes, and are loved by the vast majority of the Sim community. I had a really hard time choosing which of those two modes I wanted to play when they were running! What I will say, is that once BR-based EC took over, SB gameplay fizzled away to almost nothing worthwhile for anyone anymore. The player numbers in matches reflect this. The players are leaving faster than ever. The frustration is entirely real, and it’s because we are at the mercy of what game modes we are handed, and right now we’re dealing with the one we can’t stand the most. I am one of the few keeping the faith that the Old Sim + HEC combination will make a comeback someday. It was the greatest Sim setup this game has had, at least in my time playing Sim which goes back as far as early 2015. And I really do think most players in the community who were playing during that time in DecembeJanuary still look back, remember those matchups, and miss them as much as I still do.
Thank you for hearing me out on this. I know in truth it a highly complex issue, with a lot of variables, and opinions, but from an overall perspective looking at it in the most simplistic fashion I can (which is in answering the question: “how many SB players are enjoying War Thunder right now?”) I can definitively tell you, the greatest number of SB players I have ever witnessed actively playing War Thunder was during that 3-week period in DecembeJanuary where the option of 3 Historical EC matchups, plus Old Sim was available to us. At this point, (and no offense to the DEV’s) with how long BR-based EC has been forcibly active for us, there really is only room to go up from here, and I really mean that. I assure you, the Sim activity will set records again if we get some of the simple things back again.
Sincerely, *GateNomes
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2016.01.29 20:55 Evey9207 [LFA]Svirfneblin Rogue who loves to make weapons from gemstones

Hello! My character is Alston Crystalfist. a deep nome who likes to mine for quartz, obsidian and diamonds instead of other valuable gemstones, because he loves to make weapons out of them.
Being a Rouge he wears a dark studded leather armor with a dark cloak that matches his skin tone so he can hide in rocky terrain easier. He is bald but he has a mighty beard. He has a shortbow, a sunblade, and of course his trusty quartz dagger as a last resource. He is also wagering a pair of boots of elvenkind and bracers of archery.
I really hope this catches someone's interest and thank you very much!
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2015.09.27 12:25 DarthNegro My Review of Summer Madness 5 (from live attendance)

Irving Plaza in NYC. Just came back from the long show of SM5, and what turned into a dope ass Calicoe concert. More or less, I'd really like to share my breakdown of how things went, from an attendee's perspective, but I'm pretty fucking tired, so I'll only give an in-depth breakdown of the main event for now.
The line was long as fucking hell. Not that I had a bad spot; got there at a really good time. But that shit was super crowded. People were giving their predictions for majority of line waiting and I was surprised to hear the picks. The people around me were thinking Mr. Wavy would 3-0 John John. A few actually didn't even know who Mr. Wavy was because they don't care about the rookie class. I heard "All them niggas trash!" more than once. Some people were betting Tay Roc to destroy Calicoe as well. I suspect they were from Maryland. Probably Roc's biggest fans. They started a huge debate with people over whether or not Roc won against Tsu Surf at NOME 5. It was a great discussion.
The inside was packed. I went to SM4 last year and it was packed, but I was in the nosebleeds. This time I felt like I was really there at a live event, and it feels a lot different. Seeing Smack's shiny ass head as he talks to the people, Smdddddack!!! That alone was entertaining for me. But the main problem people had was the waiting for battles to start. I didn't go alone so I had conversation to hold me over during the waits. I actually thought the time URL spent preparing for matches was way shorter than the time KOTD does, going by what I've seen in the World Domination 5 PPV. Still, New York niggas are impatient as hell. The crowd even started booing the damn staff and screaming shit, saying they want the battles to start by the end of the event.
John John 3-0. Wavy had a great 1st round but John John edged him. After that people didn't fuck with him at all. I thought his material was decent and his performance brought some energy into the room. John John was clowning the guy, even made fun of the zombie walking shit Wavy did against Shine that had the crowd going crazy, but Wavy fought back. People were really excited to see this guy. In the go very fucking ugly for him. The crowd was screaming 3-0. I was calling it 3-0 as well even though I feel like the 1st round was debatable. I can see it being called 2-1.
It was only the 2nd battle and I was hearing the security had dragged someone out for recording and apparently stole his phone. But that aside, I was rooting for Big T. When he hit the stage a lot of people were reciting some of his bars just excited to see him back on URL. But when Suge hit the stage, the shit was different. The crowd LOVES Suge. I thought they loved Tay Roc more than anyone but I'm thinking Suge is the people's champ right now. But that aside, the battle feels like it went by too quickly for me. Big T came hard (pause) but not hard enough. Suge was still using the Super Saiyan energy left over from the bear hunt. Big T's 1st was good and 2nd was better, which is the round I gave him. Suge got 1 and 3 for me. General thought of the crowd as well. Suge is a different animal...he's going to dismantle Hitman Holla.
It happened exactly as I predicted, except that I was thinking Hustle would take it 2-1. Didn't expect the crowd to take it a step further and body O'fficial like that. It was during Hustle's firs round that I realized "Talk to dat nigga!" will be at some point in every battle, even with females. Dudes behind me were screaming that the whole round, it was pretty funny. O wasn't bad but some of her shit got negative reaction. She definitely had some haymakers in the 1st, but nothing did the trick in the 2nd. To keep it short, the 3rd was closest but Ms. Hustle put her body bag in a body bag.
Rex was going hard in the first. Dude really came out swinging like he'd die if he lost (despite being dead already...bang, bang...). He had a hibernation punchline that really got me. Rex was talking that shit. I gave him the 1st. He was good in every round but T-Top left Earth on him. I felt like Rex was just target practice for Top so he can get use to the Summer Madness stage. Not much to talk about. Both came with that street talk and it was great. T-Top beat his ass, though, like we all said he would.
Couldn't believe it. Really the only prediction I feel that I got wrong. I was rooting for NWX of course but Chess and Steams spazzed out on DNA and Shine. Both teams were wiggin on each other and it ended debatably. The crowd didn't seem to like the match at all to be honest but some were feeling it. Maybe half and half. There was a part where Cakes did that infamous Cake marching shit with their entourage and it got boo'd hard. I thought it was over from there but they recovered pretty well in the following rounds. I had Cakes winning the 2nd round, mainly for Steams going off solo and spitting straight heat. The 3rd, though...shit was dry as fuck until K-Shine dressed up as a damn mime and started doing all kinds of shit, never seen anything like it. That was FIIIIIIIIRE. I still had Cakes edging the 3rd, but it was pretty debatable. Crowd just liked them more.
I definitely came to see Calicoe win that. I might seem like a Roc hater but I'm never bias in calling the decision of a match. I feel like Calicoe really talked to him and it's mainly the fact that Roc just game, gun bars, energy and reaches with only a sliver of real talk in only one of his rounds made me go with Cal. Most of the crowd, from what I've heard, had Calicoe taking it as well. His style is amazing. There's nothing like seeing Calicoe up close to be honest. The crowd even boo'd him in the 2nd or 3rd (I forgot) at one point and they were still rocking with him heavy right after. His material was way better to me, even though Roc has more of the wordplay a lot of people were looking for. Mainly metal gripping metaphors. That won him the second round, like most people called it. But after the battle I know Tay Roc feels whack 'cause there's a difference between metaphors and real rap.
This battle was amazing. Not for Lux, and his symbolic stripping of previous antics on stage. Not for the hype round this match as two legends come to kill each other. even for that really. But really for the tension. Right off the bat, shit was so intense that Charlie Clips was ready to swing on Lux. Never seen him like that before. They started arguing over where or not the coin should be flipped, and then Lux turned into a crybaby when he lost the damn flip even though he insisted on having it just because he didn't want Clips freestyling on him out the gate. Still, Lux had a GREAT first round. Honestly there was a lot of filler. People don't like to acknowledge that about Lux. He can do a lot of rambling at times, like he did at Total Slaughter, but if any other battler were to come like that, they'd get boo'd crazy on URL. Not Lux. Going into the match a lot of people were thinking Lux would win. A lot of them feel like Lux already beat Hollow and 'if Hollow beat Clips and Lux beat Hollow then Lux would body Clips' was basically the reasoning there. But man Lux had all sorts of punches that felt like haymakers because the crowd just loves him that much. Really he was saying much to me. But Clips 1st round was straight god tier shit. That was the same aggressive Clips that spanked Tsu Surf, kidnapped Aye Verb, raped X-Factor...and now sacrificed Lux. He even started making wild gun sounds mid-bar and people were feeling that shit. Every haymaker came out really nice and the crowd was jumping. You could feel the fucking floor shake after some punchlines from Clips. It was electric.
Going into the 2nd round, Lux was almost shaky. But he got warmed up very quickly and was fighting back hard. He had a different style this round, where he actually punched back to back. I think some of them shouldn't have landed the way they did; he had some really corny shit amidst his hot lines. There was even a line he said that I definitely heard somewhere else. I think it might have been in a Udubb battle so I'll have to think on it to remember. Still, the crowd was loving it. I was, too. He had some real talk. I feel like he was slightly gassed there to be honest. A lot of others feel the same way. And Charlie Clips went into the 2nd round with an antic, which he sort of previewed in the blog he did that featured Goodz where they clowned Lux. He imitated Lux for a while with some really funny shit and even had a defeat bar that was funny as hell. I thought the "Stop Fuckin' Lying" thing he did was really whack. I would've preferred if he came with more aggression again. Bar wise that round was pretty even to be honest. As a style clash, Clips easily. Consistency goes to Lux. I had Clips edging the 2nd round. Most of the crowd did, even though he was dry when he closed it.
In the third round, Lux was very concise. Everything was on point. Not everything was hitting as hard as he probably wanted it to but they were hitting. Still punching back to back and taking the father angle against Clips. I wasn't feeling it too much. No one was. Almost everyone speaks on that shit when they battle Clips and it was getting tiring. But Lux definitely did it better than anyone so far. The fact that Lux spent his round taking that angle was really troubling for me. If you spend too much time saying one thing against someone that can freestyle, then all they need to do is rebuttal and they'd be negating your entire round. The crazy part of it, though, was the paperwork. That shit was insane. When they threw it into the crowd, the whole building went insane. I can tell that threw Clips off a bit. Lux's third round had a familiar angle and all but he was one of the best constructed rounds in battle rap history. The momentum was with Lux from there. Charlie Clips went straight to the rebuttal route and I thought he would have some fire that would put Lux's whole round in the dirt, but he said some simple whack shit that we've heard at least 3 times now "My mama's the real gangsta" and no one was feeling it. Clips started transforming, though. You can always tell the difference between his fleshed out material and his freestyles and he was clearly going off the top. His shit was hitting HARD. He was actually shaking the room again and had people saying Clips won that shit 3-0 before he even finished. Honestly, I can't knock that thought. He was better than Lux in every round. They both showed poor sportsmanship and all but when it came down to it, Clips showed that he was a better battler. Probably took every round in the building, probably different on cam. I still had Lux winning the 3rd, though. The paperwork shit, the way his round was constructed, his taking of a generic angle and making it an open wound again...god damn. Clips was wiggin on Lux and didn't really get to finish his last round but nothing he said could've topped that.
What I Learned
All I have to say is that this event was way better than I expected. Nothing beats seeing a URL battle live. Before, during, and after the event, shit is jumping. Calicoe even put on a free concert for his fans outside. I just saw a video of it was in my subscription box on YouTube, go check that out. Great moment. I think the event it was a really good showing. #Salute
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2015.04.11 18:29 rpbtz PSA to RSD goers - my local store just posted this list of delayed releases

My local store received this e-mail about delayed RSD titles and posted them on Facebook some hours ago. Mind you my local store is in Europe, so I have no idea if this also affects US stores or even all EU stores, so take that into consideration.
Below are the RSD delays: meaning, don’t count on these titles being in stock on RSD, but they should be available after RSD. These titles are NOT CANCELLED, just delayed.
  • 1975, The – Facedown EP [12”] (Clear Vinyl in paper jacket, first time on vinyl, limited, indie-exclusive)
  • 1975, The – IV EP [12”] (Clear Vinyl in paper jacket, first time on vinyl, limited, indie-exclusive)
  • 1975, The – Music For Cars EP [12”] (Clear Vinyl in paper jacket, first time on vinyl, limited, indie-exclusive)
  • 1975, The – Sex EP [12”] (Clear Vinyl in paper jacket, first time on vinyl, limited, indie-exclusive)
  • Alex Chilton – Jesus Christ [7”] (indie-retail exclusive)
  • Amanaz – Africa [2LP]
  • Amon Tobin – Dark Jovian [2×12”]
  • Charlie Parker – The Charlie Parker Story [LP]
  • Curtis Fuller’s Quintet featuring Benny Golson – Blues-ette [LP]
  • David Bowie/Tom Verlaine – Side By Side: Kingdom Come [7”]
  • Flaming Lips, The – Brainville [10”]
  • Flaming Lips, The – This Here Giraffe [10”]
  • Georgie Fame – R&B From The Camden Theatre [LP]
  • Ian Dury & The Blockheads – New Boots and Panties!! + Alternative Boots and Panties [2LP]
  • Jesus & Mary Chain, The – Psychocandy (30th Anniversary LIVE) [LP]
  • Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Live At Max’s Kansas City (Volumes 1 & 2) [2LP]
  • Miss Tess & The Talkbacks – One Match Fire / Nobody Loves Me [7”]
  • Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood [LP]
  • Nightsatan – Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom [LP+DVD]
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – In The Heat Of The Moment [12”]
  • Our Daughters Wedding – Lawnchairs [7”]
  • Simple Minds – Celebrate: Live From the SSE Hydro Glasgow [2LP]
  • Social Distortion – Social Distortion [LP]
  • Suede – Dog Man Star: Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2014 [2LP]
  • Twenty One Pilots – The LC [12”]
  • Various Artists – Northern Soul (The Soundtrack) [2LP]
  • Various Artists – Truth & Soul Forecast 2015 [10”]
  • 2 Bears, The – Bears In Space [12”+CD]
  • Billy Ray Cyrus & Shooter Jennings – Killing The Blues [7”]
  • Black Tambourines, The – No Action/A Lot of Friends [7”]
  • Brian James – The Guitar That Dripped Blood [LP]
  • Charlatans UK, The – Emilie/Emanuelle [7”]
  • Dennis Haskins (feat. Shooter Jennings) – Belding’s Blues [7”]
  • Ennio Morricone – Il mio nome e’ nessuno / My name is Nobody (Soundtrack) [LP]
  • Goblin – Chi? [7”]
  • Heldon – Live In Paris 1975 [LP]
  • Heldon – Live In Paris 1976 [LP]
  • Jobriath – Jobriath A.D. [LP+DVD]
  • Kaleidoscope – Unreleased Mixes [7”]
  • Little Boots – Business Pleasure [7”]
  • Luke Abbott – Music For A Flat Landscape (Soundtrack To The Gobb) [LP]
  • Montecristos, The – Love Missile F1-11/Badfinger Twang [7”]
  • Smile Down Upon Us – Smile Down Upon Us [LP]
  • Soul Jazz Records presents – Down Beat Special
  • Sound, The (Adrian Borland) – Propaganda
  • Tim Burgess – Track Of My Life/Like I Already Do [12”]
  • Various Artists – Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 3 [LP]
  • Various Artists – Shirley Inspired
  • Various Artists – Trashmouth Records Record Store Day
  • Various Artists – Two Blue Waters
  • Wilkinson & TC – Hit The Floor
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2015.02.08 19:51 Blubbey Post Jan 14/15-15/16 summer transfer window rumour/rubbish collection thread

14/15 winter window thread
I'll update it every now and then. It'll mostly be incoming rumours not outgoings. Mostly rehashing previous rumours I suspect but it's nice to compare! General format:
Player name position team fee (if there) date (dd/mm)
NOTE: These "sources" are going to be unreliable, literally 50 players were "linked" in <6 weeks. These sure as shit aint gospel.
Kevin Wimmer CB Cologne 08/02
Berahino striker WBA £25m 07/02
Konoplyanka winger (left) Dnipro free (contract ends summer) 07/02
Emanuel Mammana River Plate 10/02
Salomon Rondon striker Zenit Saint Petersburg £16m 10/02
Depay winger PSV £20m 14/02
Lukaku striker Everton ~£30m 15/02
Brahimi attacking mid/winger Porto ~£30m 11/02
KdB #10 Wolfsburg (source later)
Luciano Vietto striker Villareal (source later)
Godfred Donsah midfielder Cagliari Calcio
Nicolás Gaitán midfielder Benfica
Llorente striker Juventus £16m 16/02
Kerem Demirbay midfielder Hamburger SV
Shkodran Mustafi CB Valencia £10m 17/02
Salvio winger Benfica ~£25m 17/02
Dybala striker Palermo ~£30m 12/02
Jackson Martinez striker Porto 15/02
Ayew winger Marseille free (contract ends summer) 16/02
Maxime Gonalons midfielder Lyon ~£15m 18/02
J. Rodriguez attacker (wing/striker) Southampton ~£12m 17/02
Gokhan Tore winger besiktas ~£12m 17/02
Moses Gent winger Gent 15/02
Alderweireld CB Atl Mad 20/12
Defrel striker Cesena 21/02
Clyne RB Southampton 22/02
Niasse striker Lokomotiv Moscow 22/02
Camacho holding midfielder Malaga ~£15m 22/02
Bubacar Djalo "new Pogba" Sporting 22/02 (cheap)
Slimani striker Sporting 20m euro 24/02
Abdennour CB Monaco n/a 25/02
Bacca striker Sevilla £18m 28/02
Lacazette striker Lyon n/a 27/02
Umtiti CB Lyon n/a 05/03
Schneiderlin CM southampton ~£25m 05/03
Boetius winger feyenoord 06/03
Mahrez winger leicester £7m 07/03
chicarito striker man u £8m 08/03
Rabiot CM PSG 10/03
Anderson CM Lazio £20m+ 10/03
Lavezzi winger PSG 10/03
Camarasa CM Levante 12m euro buyout clause 09/03
Horn keeper cologne 03/03
Dehli winger celta vigo free 10/03
Zaza striker sassulo ~15m e 11/03
Austin striker qpr 11/03
Silva winger braga £17.7m release 11/03
Talisca forward benfica 11/03
mane winger sporting 11/03
handanovic keeper inter ~£10m 11/03
Falcao striker monaco 16/03
ings striker burnley 16/03
Mark Uth striker Heerenveen 21/03
Cervi striker Rosario Central £3m 21/03
Bale winger RM 23/03
Feghouli winger Valencia £7m 24/03
Schar CB Basel £5m 24/03
Garcia winger malaga £8m 27/03
Glik CB Torino 31/03
Sala RB Verona 1/04
Afellay Winger Barca free 02/04
Cech GK Chelsea £10m 02/04
Jovic strikewinger Red Star Belgrade 02/04
Ogbonna CB Juve 04/04
Roberts second strikewinger Fulham 07/04
Mata 10 Man U £18.3m 07/04
Howedes CB/RB/LB Schalke £13m 09/04
Moreno CB Espanyol 08/04
gignac striker marseille free 09/04
Weigl CM 1860 munich £2.3m 09/04
Cleverley CM Man U free 15/04
Klose striker lazio free 17/04
Thauvin winger Marseille 16/04
Lopes RB sporting 14/04
Bolasie winger Palace 25/04
mirallas winger everton 21/04 (thought I added this months ago)
Cuesta GK Almeria 02/05
Oulare striker Brugge 04/05
Salah winger Chelsea £18m 04/05
Son Heung-Min winger bayer lev ~£15m 04/05
Wilson striker bournemouth ~£12m 04/05
van dijk CB Celtic ~£10m 09/05
Beauvue striker guingamp £6m 09/05
Obiang midfielder sampdoria 13/05
Gray winger birmingham ~£5m 21/04
Cabaye midfielder PSG 14/05
Soldo defender dynamo zagreb 14/05
Martial forward monaco 13/05
Ramirez forward Barca 17/05
Darder CM Malaga 19/05
Bilal Ould-Chikh winger twente 20/05
Bartra cb barca ~£7m/10m euro 20/05
Pedro winger Barca ~£7m 20/05
Yarmolenko striker dynamo Kyiv 24/04
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2014.08.15 20:13 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are two goobers that decided to get on our bicycle and ride coast to coast across America this summer. How about you shift into second gear this morning and Ask Us Anything!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-08-15
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
If I wanted to take such a journey, what should I do to prepare, what would I need to take, and where do you recommend I go? (Athena) If? Sounds like you totally want to do it! Preparation: I was surprised by how little preparation it took to actually be ready for this sort of a trip. It’s not usually a situation of “can or can’t” but “will or won’t.” We had to ride 500 miles beforehand as training to get accustomed to the bicycle/riding. What to bring: lots o’ stuff! If you plan on camping I would suggest ultralight equipment esp if you plan on using panniers. Bring clif bars! You can never have enough clif bars in your jersey. Otherwise, I’ve heard success stories of people staying with random strangers. 1/5 will let you camp on the lawn or even let you in their home if you tell them what you’re doing. Get a camelback or other hydration system. 100oz should do the trick! Where?: The route we took was awesome! I would recommend going West to East if you are looking for an easier time since we had to endure headwinds pretty much the whole way. When you are in the west however, be mindful of the heat and lack of water sources. Include (which should be easy) Appalachia, the plains, and the rockies whatever you do! For someone who isn’t quite confident to do it themselves or as a self-supported cyclist I would suggest Bike & Build to you. I would do it again s-s but it was nice to have a van + 32 friends the first time
Did I see you guys riding west on Hwy 24 this summer through Colorado? (Specifically, just west of Woodland Park, around Wilkerson Pass and the big bowl shaped valley after it?) (Connor) I don't think our route went through there. However there are 8 Bike & Build routes every summer, so it could have been another one. We went from Akron to Denver.
What percentage of donations is disbursed to real affordable housing projects/recipients? How much of the donation is spent on 'overhead'? (Athena) By "Overhead" you are probably referring to administrative costs? Only 3% goes to employees of B&B of which I believe there are 2 or 3. 45% goes into the cause and the rest is the cost of transporting us across the US. Most of the cost is for the van and trailer which make the journey safer for all. Each rider can send $500 to an AH org of their choice, each host can designate $100, and then the rest is used in our competitive grant process.
(Connor) From what I recall, roughly 45% of the money is given to affordable housing. That money is distributed in three main ways: 1: we as a team go through reviewing a competitive grant process in which we agree what organization will be given grants. 2:One of our routes does something called a blitz build, where they stay in one place for a week and build and house from the ground up. 3: every place we stay at, we give the host 100 dollars to donate to an AH organization of their choice. I think another 45% roughly (I do not represent Bike & Build by the way) goes towards ordering our bikes, renting the van and trailer, paying for gas and food, and insurance, along with a few other costs. The remaining 10%ish goes to office management and payroll. That's the donations I raised anyway. Feel free to double check Bike&
I looked at the annual report for 2013 and it looked like about 1/3 of the income went out as grants. That may be correct but there are donations not included in the grant program mentioned above
Did you two take this trip as a couple or just as friends? Did it strain or strengthen you're relationship/friendship? Also are y'all from the Virgina Beach area or did you have to grab a bus/train/plane to start the journey? How'd yup get home afterwards? (Athena) we went into this as 33 strangers. Connor and I actually refer to each other as little brother and little sister respectively since we became really good friends. In a trip like this youre with each other 24/7 for 2.5 months so people fight and some people aggitate others but for the most part I feel pretty darn close to my teammates for only knowing them for 75 days.
(Athena) also - my mom drove me to the beach from nj and we picked up another rider at the airport before arriving. Lots of bikers are still on the west coast even though we finished on the 8th. I flew back on the 11th so I had more time in portlandia.
(Connor) Actually, I went in alone. A good friend of mine recommended it, and I wanted to do it with a buddy, but he was busy. Everyone on the trip I met there. Athena and I rode together pretty frequently though, as we became good friends. It really strengthened our friendship a lot. It has gotten to the point where I call her my little sister.
Some of us flew, some drove, some took their rich uncle's airship (sigh, if only...)
As for getting home, most flew, though there are a few that are still out west having fun. In the past, some have even biked back! Most of us live on the east coast.
Did you ever feel like you couldn't keep going, and how did you make it so you kept on? (Athena) There were definitely times that I considered quitting for the day but never the entire trip. I never got to that point but there were times my knees and butt hurt so bad!!! My fellow riders kept me going and sometimes music.
(Connor) only once. on a 70 mile ride into Charleston my right knee gave out on me. Whenever I put weight on it I felt like a dozen needles getting jammed in there. I thought "well, this is it, I'm getting in the van" but for some reason I just kept going, even though I was going pretty much on just my left leg. One of my fellow riders suggested the van, and in my pig headedness I told her the only way I was getting in the van was if I was bleeding to death. My fellow riders really were a great motivational support, and their company really helped me out. I managed to make it lunch, down some ibuprofen, and than continued and somehow made it to the host site for the night. I'm proud to say that I made it every fucking inch across the country, and never got in the van once.
You have to fundraise $4,500 to be eligible for the trip? That seems like a lot, I went cross country on a very frugal budget. I suppose I wasn't supplying money to build affordable houses though. (Athena) Since we had a support vehicle, a lot of the funding went toward that but over 45% went back into the cause. At the end we all sat down and decided where a lot of the money would go in a competitive grant process. So theoretically we only put $2475 toward getting there. We tried to stick to riding groups of 2-6 people so if you wanted you could sprint or just cruise along. Believe it or not, I rode with Connor most days ;P I happen to be a faster cyclist and he is --- well, he got faster! Maybe he will elaborate on some of the bets we made? Anywho - back to the question is that I really found that I enjoyed group riding.
Did you find riding with that many people to be enjoyable? The company must have been nice but having to pace match with the slowest person... (Connor) I was the slowest rider in the group for most of the trip. Than on the second to last day, I made a bet that if I got to the host site (where we slept at night) before 1PM (70 mile day) I would get a steak. I sprinted over a mountain, across gravel, and through some strong headwinds, and I made it there in the nick of time and NOMed on some awesome steak.
Who was the most interesting person you guys met, and what was their story? (Athena) As you may or may not know, the Katy Trail is a bike/walking route that crosses the state of Missouri with St. Louis on the East end. As we left St. Louis to get to the trail, we came upon a Lake where we decided to hang out and paddleboard etc. On the trail by the lake we saw a man on roller blades with poles to propel himself attached to his wrists. He was a large black fellow with a jolly disposition singing loudly some familiar 80s tunes. Eventually the intriguing roller blade bearer made his rounds and stopped to talk with us. As it turns out – he once took a trip with his friends from Dublin to Osaka with $10k between them and planned to send his daughter to Japan within the month. Connor and the man began speaking Japanese.. Eventually we bade our farewells and were left with an optimistic outlook about the future of humanity.
I used to live in St. Charles right by the Katy Trail. Really fun trail and it reaches so far. Rough on bikes, though, according to my dad. Something about how dusty and everything it is. (Connor) COOL! We loved it at first because it was the first real none car road we were on. It had shade, very little wind, flat, and we could spend the days talking to each other. The main problems were that it was gravel, and had tons of dust. First day we didn't mind it at all. Third day it was getting old real fast!
Where did you sleep and eat? How much gear did you travel with? (Connor) We mostly slept at churches along the way. They would usually be nice enough to also feed us dinner, though occasionally we had to cook or try to get dinner donated to us by local restaurants. Occasionally we would stay at schools or community centers, and every once and a while we camped. We had a van and trailer that followed us that carried our supplies and our bags (each person got to take a 20 gallon bin or bag). While riding we would usually carry two water bottles, a small saddle bag with a multitool and tire levers and other small tools, a small pump, a camelback that carried at least 2 liters of water, and in that some spare tubes, some snacks, maybe a knife, phone cash and ID, and a raincoat.
For a second there I thought I read your name as Conan O'Brian. Anyways...What would you say is the hardest thing into setting this trip up was? (Or maybe it was the trip itself?) (Connor) No worries, happens to a lot of people. I usually joke and say he's my third cousin. The hardest thing setting up the trip was fundraising the money. We have to raise 4,500$. So I had to send out a billion emails to just about everyone I know. As for the trip itself, it was probably the first week. A lot of us were not as in shape as we would like to be, and going over the Appalachian mountains really killed us.
(Athena) At first I got a lot of support from my friends and family which helped a lot. But raising the money outside of them was a new experience for me - I went door to door canvassing which was great because I got to meet new people and spread awareness about affordable housing at the same time :)
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2014.03.29 05:23 electricfoxx The Wizard of Oz, The Return to Oz, and My Life


I am at home with my mom and dad thinking about what I should do next. I recently watched The Return to Oz and loved how different it is from Wizard of Oz. In the following I will explain some connections I see between the movies and my life.

Wizard of Oz

At the end of community college I wanted to go to a university, but was hesitant. My 'twister' was an awful, unspeakable (yes, unspeakable) occurance terrible enough to have me sent to a counselopsychologist. I knew what the problem was, but felt trapped in my small town. I was hurried into signing up for a university and wisked away. It was a rush.
I was greeted at the Yellow Brick road to success by the Munchkins (orientation staff). It seemed simple enough. You follow the road; you end up somewhere awesome. So, I followed the road. The first person you meet is the Scarecrow. Where can you gain a brain, but at a university? I also bring along the Tin Woodsman (a job, stable life, friends, love life). Later, I meet with the Cowardly Lion (furries). Well, I knew furries before on the Internet (Ozma and the mirror), but I knew none in real life. I don't have the courage to tell people in real life about them.
So, I try to see the Wizard (academic adviser, the college staff in general) and try to finalize my college experience. I wanted to move on to better things. However, my problem was that I missed home. I didn't stay in the Emerald City. And I left the Ruby Slippers (?).
Before, I had thought a university was some grand place, but it turned out to be an upgraded community college. The Wizard had power, but not the kind I was thinking of.
So, I am back at home, in 'Kansas'. It's boring in 'Kansas'. I rarely leave the city. I try to find things to prove how awesome the Emerald City is, but no one cares. No one does anything here. It sucks.

Return to Oz

I want to go back, but how? The Yellow Brick road has been destroyed. I can't go back. Or can I? With the failing economy, the Emerald City may also have been destroyed.
Tik-Tok is the man (I mean robot) I need to see. He represents my computer science education and the jobs out there. He's reliable and gets the job done. I just have to wind him up. I also need the key (tools to get a job) to get to him. The movie says the key is in Kansas. I just have to find it.
I need to go save the Scarecrow. The economy used to run on intelligent ideas.
Jack Pumpkinhead and the Gump may represent creativity, artistic and engineering, respectively. I'm not sure. Also, not sure about Mombi. She might represent business. And don't forget the Wheelers (the wheelers and dealers).
Finally, the nome king represents corporate interests.
At the very end Dorothy concluded that she wants to live in both Kansas and the Emerald City. I don't think I am exclusively a city or country guy.


The Wizard of Oz has been thought of as an allegory for something political. I just thought it was interesting how the symbolism matched up to what problems I have been having.
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2012.02.25 23:06 SQLwitch How about a "Caro Nome" cage match? I love Laura Claycomb but I think Eglise Gutierrez slams her to the mat.

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